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Custom Software Development

In using the Microservice approach for custom applications development, the DevOps service and Agile Approaches ensure Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes. This allows increased efficiency when delivering custom software development solutions

Symphony Solutions has been delivering impactful application development services for over 10 years. Our custom software development practice ensures have given clients the custom applications development, built, deployed, and scaled to fit business as well as performance, security, and quality requirements.

Through every stage of custom application development services, forward-thinking methodologies are used, such as Lean-Agile, DevOps, Software Testing, and Rapid Application Development. Custom app development leverages advantages from modern web platforms and frameworks: Ionic, Angular 2+, ReactJS, creating high-performance backend services and reliable APIs.

Technologies stack OR Our QA & Software services


Java | .NET | Python | Go | Node.js


Microsoft SQL Server | MySQL | Oracle | SQL Azure PostgreSQL | MongoDB | Cassandra | Couchbase


HTML | CSS | TypeScript | JavaScript | Angular | React | Bootstrap | Vue.js |

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Software Development Services

Mobile App Development

Symphony Solutions is full-cycle custom mobile app development provider, offering Hybrids and Native apps for Android and iOS to some of our largest…

QA and Testing

Quality Assurance is vital to Symphony Solutions practices and imperative to minimize risk for clients and potentially save millions of dollars.

Design Services

Service design at Symphony Solutions is a user-centered, co-creative, holistic process of designing positive experiences for customers over an extended period of time.

Digital Marketing Orchestration

The Digital Marketing Team at Symphony Solutions uses digital technologies on the Internet, mobile phones, display advertising and other digital media to systematically improve…

Software Development Services

Enterprise Software Development

Symphony Solutions can build software that can solve a wide variety of Enterprise organizational problems. Our expertise creating enterprise software solutions that meet digital transformation goals and give you a competitive edge. Get your products and services to market faster. We develop Enterprise solutions which include project management and collaboration software, CRM, ERP software, tracking systems, and more.

Moreover, we provide Enterprise application modernization services that can generate new value from legacy systems. This includes a team of Salesforce certified developers that can create or modernize CRM-related features and apps.

Enterprise Software Development

Back-end software development teams are expert in Java, NET, Python, Go, Node.js, SQL, and NoSQL databases.

Developers of custom API development and integration services for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) use REST protocols to make JSON communication possible. The teams build scalable microservice architecture with Java or .Net running on AWS, Azure or GСP cloud platforms.

Back-End Development

Whether your company needs a new website, an Enterprise-class app to automate processes, or a web portal to help align your employees’ workflows, Symphony Solutions custom web developers have the expertise and experience to build it quickly and in perfect alignment with your vision.

Web App Development

We can build a website that looks and behaves like a native application across different platforms, known as a Progressive Web App (PWA). You can deploy your app as a PWA as well as Native app and take advantage of both channels.

Businesses receive a responsive web solution adapting easily to any mobile device and providing a smooth user-experience on every platform.

Progressive Web App Development
Progressive Web App Development
Progressive Web App Development
Progressive Web App Development
Progressive Web App Development
Symphony Solutions shared our passion and went all out to bring this unique and brilliant idea into fruition.
Vivino CTO
The most impressive thing about Symphony Solutions, is that while working with this company I have the impression that they consider this project as their own.
Tezemo Limited Director
The project is still ongoing with the Symphony Solutions team currently working on the MVP. The company is most impressed by the team’s proven track record as well as their ability to quickly grasp the requirements of the project.
Editec, CTO
Very efficient agile project management, which allowed to launch the project in the shortest time possible with a constant refinement of requirements. The team really committed to it and delivered results instantaneously.
Virusspeedtest B.V. Director
Thanks to the partnership with Symphony Solutions our company CRMWaypoint was able to deliver successfully very complex Salesforce development projects at many clients in many industries.
CRMWaypoint Founder & CEO