Awards and Recognition

Since 2008, we are creating exceptional solutions

in custom software development, Cloud management, Agile transformation, digital marketing, and more.

Committed to progress, innovation, and flexibility, along with our unique company culture, we have been recognized in the industry as one of the best places to work, learn and thrive.

This testament to our achievements motivates us to take charge of innovation and continue delivering excellent services to our customers.

Symphony Solutions ranked 4th among IT companies supporting Ukraine in 2023. Providing unwavering support to the people of Ukraine has been the focus of our many charity initiatives since the start of the full-scale invasion. These activities include supporting the Unbroken Rehabilitation Center and doing our part on the informational front with Dattalion.

Highload, in collaboration with, conducted a public poll to assess how top IT companies contribute to Ukraine’s fight for peace, support those affected by the war, take care of their employees, and look ahead into the future.

Symphony Solutions placed 8th among the Best Cloud Consulting Providers overall and 6th in Eastern Europe according to the 2023 ranking by Clutch. This is a testament to our dedication as a premier provider of custom Cloud solutions and consultancy services with a consistent track record of cooperating successfully with prominent leaders in the industry., a B2B market research firm, evaluates top-performing B2B companies and takes them through a meticulous selection process analyzing the company’s industry expertise, ability to deliver, and client reviews.

Symphony Solutions has been recognized as one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine, ranking #2 in the Enterprise App Modernization category. We deliver reliable solutions for transforming your legacy applications and making them Cloud-ready. This is reflected in our clients’ high regard for our collaboration as we empower them to take full advantage of the agility, scalability, and performance that come with Cloud transformation., a B2B market research firm, conducts rigorous evaluations of top-performing B2B companies, subjecting them to a selection process that analyzes their industry expertise, delivery capabilities, and client reviews.

Symphony Solutions has been nominated for the EGR B2B Awards for the third consecutive time. We are excited to compete alongside industry leaders in the IT supplier category.  

As a premier provider of custom iGaming, Cloud and Agile transformation solutions, Symphony Solutions has a consistent track record of successful cooperation with leading industry providers. Our commitment to delivering the best iGaming experience in the market has earned us this well-deserved nomination, and we are honored to have been an EGR nominee for three years in a row, from 2021 to 2023. 

SpoedtestCorona, a chain of Covid-19 testing centers that Symphony Solutions has been supporting as a technical partner, has been recognized by honorable mention in the pandemic response category of World Changing Ideas 2022.

“Making testing for Covid-19 fast, affordable, easily accessible, and safe was our goal and joint contribution to addressing the global crisis.

What makes SpoedtestCorona different from similar projects in the Netherlands is our fully automated platform as well as the combination of test locations and mobile units. Which allows us to scale up and down very easily and makes us the most flexible company out there,”

– says Valentina Synenka, Chief Marketing Officer at Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions was applauded by Cybernews as an innovative company that can handle the pressure of shipping great code to production within agreed deadlines. The company was also credited for its focus on cybersecurity mitigation, custom software development, scalability potential, as well as an Agile culture in product development.

“The recognition by Cybernews experts is a plus on our reputation, as well as a testament to our business-centric approach and managerial style which extends across all organization touch points, including HR, Marketing, Finance, Administration, and Leadership Team to create a full-cycle value to our clients,”

-says Nikita Mokrynskyi, Vice President of Delivery, Symphony Solutions

The EGR B2B Awards recognize the leading companies in the online gaming industry. It celebrates the major achievements of service providers across all major egaming disciplines. This includes betting and gaming software, networks, mobile, payments, IT and infrastructure EGR Global (eGaming Review) is a leading B2B publisher and global membership networking group that connects experts from the online gaming and gambling industry and annually hosts the most prestigious Awards for B2B companies in the iGaming industry.

Over the years Symphony Solutions has proven to be a premier provider of custom iGaming solutions. Our cooperation with leading industry providers and products is a testament to our achievements dedicated to bringing the best iGaming experience on the market. Symphony has also been an EGR nominee last year.

Symphony Solutions was recognized as the most outstanding Agile Transformation company in the Netherlands in the September 2021 issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. CV hosts annual Corporate Excellence Awards as a way to showcase companies and individuals committed to providing the best products and services to their clients, and contribute to business growth and innovation. 

Symphony Solutions won the Health Tech Digital Awards 2021 for the Best COVID-19 Solution for Community Care with the project Spoedtestcorona Application for Rapid COVID Testing, having beaten a record number of applicants and received high recognition for the contribution to addressing the global health crisis.

“We have started on this project with Spoedtestcorona, understanding the important mission to make Covid-19 testing accessible and affordable for companies and the public. This award is a testament to all that we have accomplished in the last two years. We will continue standing in the frontlines and fighting the good fight for the safety and wellbeing of the community.“

– says Theo Schnitfink, CEO and Founder of Symphony Solutions, a B2B market research firm headquartered in Washington D.C., has listed Symphony Solutions among leading business services companies in Western Europe in its 2021 report.

In a detailed report of top-ranking companies in 14 Western European countries, Clutch listed Leader Award winners in each country across a variety of services. Symphony Solutions ranked in top 10 firms in the Netherlands for providing exceptional service, as well as for their creativity and technical skills.

In order to select top-performing B2B companies, Clutch analysts utilize meticulous selection methodology. The rankings on the report are based on a company’s industry expertise, ability to deliver, and their reviews on Clutch.

Symphony Solutions is proud to be recognized by DOU among the top IT companies in the year 2020.

The ratings give a first-hand account of professionals of all ranks and departments, currently employed at the company. DOU allows employees to give an unbiased opinion on the company culture and working environment, compensation, career opportunities and more.

Symphony Solutions placed 10th in the rating of mid-size companies with the number of employees of 200 to 800. The company has received top points on all criteria, receiving an overall rating of 94 out of 100. Symphony Solutions scored 95 points in company loyalty and a whopping 97 in working conditions. It also rated high for project efficiency, compensation and career opportunities.

Symphony Solutions is proud to be listed on Techreviewer as one of Top Cloud Consulting Companies in 2020.

Symphony Solutions has recently officially joined the AWS Partner Network as a Select Consulting Partner proving its commitment to providing high-level solutions and growing cloud expertise.

Techreviewer granted Symphony Solutions a review mark of 4.9 out of 5, based on the market research of over 700 of top IT companies carried out by a team of analysts. The rating accounts for market presence, company growth rate, client and employee reviews. Techreviewer experts provide a thorough analysis of the company’s services focus displayed on the company profile, showcasing Symphony Solutions expertise and the variety of services offered.

The Financial Times issued its 4th annual FT 1000 list on 2 March, 2020 to showcase the top 1000 European companies across all industries with the highest CAGR (combined annual growth rate) in revenue for 2015-2018.

Symphony Solutions submitted a profile for inclusion on this list for the first time and qualified, ranking #703 on the list with a remarkable CAGR of 50.1%.

“Symphony Solutions is working hard to keep the company strong, our clients well served, and our people employed, despite the hard decisions facing all company leaders during times of excess pressure and tremendous uncertainty.”


Symphony Solutions placed among top 20 in the list of 100 leading IT services providers in Poland according to Clutch.

“These Clutch acknowledgements show that we are on the right track. Integrity is one of Symphony’s main values and it’s in everything that we do – integrity in building relationships with our clients and partners and also integrity in the workplace with our employees. We are proud and honored to be recognized for that.”


Symphony Solutions made the shortlist for the EGR B2B Award 2021 in the IT Supplier category. There was a tough competition of over 230 B2B companies in the online gaming industry. Staggering 700 entries were submitted for the award making it a record number of entries in the year 2021. 

EGR Global (eGaming Review) is a leading B2B publisher and global membership networking group that connects experts from the online gaming and gambling industry and annually hosts the most prestigious Awards for B2B companies in the iGaming industry. 

Symphony Solutions was announced among finalists in the App Developer Awards 2021 in the category for Best Health App Development Project.

Symphony Solutions entered the App Developer Awards 2021 with their most challenging and ambitious project, the health application for rapid COVID testing developed for SpoedTestCorona.

“It was arguably the most important project for us last year, in the heat and urgency of the global health crisis. We took it up, understanding the acute need for better Covid testing facilitation to make it more accessible, reliable and affordable. Furthermore, we went on to collaborate with the Dutch government and integrated our product with their governmental portals.”


Symphony Solutions placed 3rd in the rating for 13 Best Cloud Consulting Services according to 99firms. As a cloud transformation company, Symphony Solutions is committed to investing time and attention into people and trusting them to focus on the business. 

99firms evaluated the companies’ website, portfolio and case studies to assess their expertise and specializations, as well as the approach and the technologies that are employed to solve cloud-related problems in the industries they work in. Other factors that contributed to the ranking were cloud certifications, client testimonials, pricing. 

Symphony Solutions was picked among the top software development companies in Boston, MA by assessed 48 companies on more than 25 variables in their availability, qualifications, reputation, experience, and professionalism. The results were analyzed to hand pick a list of the best software development companies in Boston.

Symphony Solutions opened the US office location in Boston in February 2019 to better accommodate the American clients, recognizing the need to expand geographical reach.

“This was the logical next step for us. We had considered a U.S. presence for some time, and Boston will best serve our customers’ needs.”


Symphony Solutions ranked 2nd among Top Cloud Computing Companies according to GoodFirms. As attested by client reviews, the company was recognised for providing great quality services, as well as being transparent and honest. 

GoodFrims has built a holistic platform for peer-to-peer connection and brand promotion, helping connect clients with B2B tech companies, promote software products and services. 


Symphony Solutions ranked 10th among the top companies for Best Product Designers in Ukraine according to TopDesignFirms, last updated August 2021. This recognition is a testimonial to the company’s dedication to delivering the best solutions to their clients. 

TopDesignFirms is a global directory of design, marketing, and development firms that offers a great selection of directories by category and location. Rankings are determined based on the companies’ scope of service and client reviews. 

In 2019, Symphony Solutions established its presence on the US market, and has now been recognized by Selected Firms as one of Top Web Development Companies in the USA.

Selected Firms is a reliable source for clients seeking eCommerce, mobile app, web development, and marketing service providers. They help discover top-notch Software Development companies around the globe. Top IT companies undergo scrutiny and careful analysis in order to get listed.

Symphony Solutions opened its Boston office in 2019 to get a better reach to the US customer base. Since then, the company has firmly established itself on the US market and has now gained recognition as a top service provider.

For the IT outsourcing community, Clutch facilitates companies looking for offshore developers. Its recognition is a meaningful factor for potential clients, which makes it just as valuable to companies being evaluated.

In 2020, Symphony Solutions has been recognized by Clutch 11 times for prominence in Belgium, The Netherlands and Worldwide with high rankings in different category groupings, a few of which follow:

  • Top Cloud Consulting Services Worldwide (#3 of 4,271 companies).
  • Top b2b Developers in Belgium (#1 of 245 companies).
  • Top Software Developers in Belgium (#1 of 28 companies).
  • Top Managed IT Services in The Netherlands (#1 of 219 companies).
  • Top IT Consulting Companies in The Netherlands (#1 of 13 leaders).

Their 2020 recognitions also include Top Web Developers and Top App Developers among others.

Symphony Solutions is honored to be included in the CIO Review magazine “20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers of 2019”.

The determination of the solution providers included careful reviews of all the nominations received. Apart from the information seized from the nominated companies, independent research was conducted on a shortlist of all the companies. The shortlisted companies were then taken up by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, including the CIOReview editorial board that decided the final 20 Most Promising DevOps Solution Providers.

“Our objective is simple: to ensure that our clients can rapidly and reliably develop high-quality software solutions.”


Symphony Solutions was recognized as one of the Top 25 Digital Marketing Companies by DesignRush. This is especially significant since their publication covers a range of different companies including top full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms & top technology companies.

DesignRush is a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, categorized by their areas of expertise. Their listing section includes a professional firm portfolio, prior work, leadership, reviews, services, pricing structure and more, which helps them rank the agencies proven to provide a strong return on investment for clients.

Symphony Solutions is grateful to be recognized as one of the Silicon Review ‘’50 best workplaces of the year 2018’’.

“We’ve built Symphony around a strong culture of trust that values people and interpersonal connections over processes and tools. At the same time, we add intimacy into building close customer relationships that grow into long-term partnerships instead of making short contract negotiations”.


The Silicon Review is one of the world’s most trusted online and print publications for business & technology professionals. Its readers and members include CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, SVPs and managers, along with a diverse group of IT professionals.

Symphony Solutions was recognized by Clutch as one of the top B2B services providers in the Netherlands. This is especially significant because their list includes 31 companies in 4 distinct fields – marketing, design, development and IT.

“Symphony Solutions is proud to be recognized by Clutch, especially since our culture and our people value client relationships as the main focus of their attention. To see this coming back to us through our clients’ feedback is very heartwarming and satisfying.”


Symphony Solutions, a digital transformation company headquartered in The Netherlands, is proud to be included in the “20 Most Admired Companies” by Insights Success Magazine. This is especially significant because the publication has 60,000 readers and covers industries in Banking and Finance, Healthcare, IT, and others.

“Symphony Solutions would like to thank Insights Success for inclusion in this small group of ’20 Most Admired Companies in 2018.’ I know the magazine covers engaging topics from aerospace to manufacturing, and we are honored to be among them.”


Our Symphonians and their well-being and motivation are the heart of our company. That is why we focus a lot of time and energy on creating a workplace that supports a healthy lifestyle and inspires productivity.

In December 2017, CIO Bulletin named us one of the “50 Best Workplaces to Watch 2017”. This shows that breaking the old rules and revolutionizing the traditional workplace is the way ahead towards creating a more efficient and productive environment.

The unique office interiors and the benefits we provide, such as learning and development opportunities, medical care, free meals, fitness and yoga, and much more, are in service of making the time in the office more enjoyable, and keeping Symphonians inspired and motivated at all times.

Embracing innovation and improving efficiency are our main predicaments when it comes to structuring and organizing our internal processes. Being Agile enhances our unique company culture, intertwining with the company values and giving us a lot of competitive advantages and resulting in numerous positive outcomes.

In December 2017, the significance of our efforts was recognized by The Technology Headlines, and we received an award for being “Agile Transformation Company of the Year”.

“What truly sets Symphony Solutions apart is not the range of services they provide, but their Agile-driven modus operandi. To that accord, every employee respects and works by the Agile principles. Starting from the leadership team, to the latest junior hires, even the Finance and Human Resources, in Symphony called Employee Relationship Management teams are Agile”

The Technology Headlines noted in their article

Staying up to date with technological innovations, and software development tools and techniques is very important to stay relevant in the fast-evolving world of IT. To be able to provide customers with the most efficient solutions, we make sure to always learn and implement the best of the latest trends and practices and use the most efficient tools and platforms which enable us to develop tech-forward solutions.

Our drive to excel and stay current in our work has been noticed and were honored with a recognition by CIOReview Magazine. In June 2016 they named us among the “20 Most Promising Java Development Solution Providers 2016”.

“Symphony Solutions continued to break new ground within the past year, benefiting its customers. CIOReview is happy to showcase Symphony Solutions this year due to its continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven solutions.”

Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview

In February 2016 we received our first recognition from CIOReview Magazine and we were honored to be chosen as one of the “20 Most Promising Quality Assurance Solution Providers”. This recognition was only a confirmation that our constant efforts and dedication to deliver flawless digital solutions didn’t go unnoticed, and we are truly making a difference in the way we test and develop digital products.

“The companies selected for our 20 Most Promising Quality Assurance Solution Providers 2016 list are an elite group of companies whose products and solutions are changing their respective industries. We are proud to feature Symphony Solutions in this edition for its range of revolutionary solutions that is setting a new benchmark in the quality assurance arena.”

Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview

On the 7th of July 2022 Symphony Solutions gained the ISO 27001:2013 certification on information security with the scope of certification being Cloud and Agile Transformation services and full life cycle Digital Development services.

The ISO:27001 certification will win new business opportunities and hone company’s strategic advantage, securing new connections and retaining existing clients. The certification assists Symphony Solutions with demonstrating great security practices and gives a proven marketing edge against the competitors.

Symphony Solutions has joined AWS Partner Network (APN) as a Select Consulting Partner. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to helping their clients leverage all the benefits of cloud computing and support them every step of the way on their cloud adoption journey.

Symphony Solutions provides cloud application development, modernization, DevOps, management services. The company’s cloud expertise spans across gaming and betting, Healthcare, Life Science, e-learning, Consumer Digital Experience and retail industries.

“Symphony helps their clients to determine how the business can benefit from its IT converting into Cloud Native. Born in the cloud, being a software development service company from the day one, Symphony has the clear vision of how the software of our clients should evolve to unlock the full business potential of AWS usage.”


Symphony Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. 

Being a premier provider for custom iGaming solutions, Symphony Solutions is collaborating with iGB in offering its services to clients to positively transform the iGaming industry with its innovative approach.

Symphony Solutions is participating annually in iGB Affiliate London, the world’s largest iGaming affiliate event, where company experts give consultations on Agile transformation, network and share insights, and show prospective partners what they have got to offer in terms of services.

Symphony Solutions joined the network of Scaled Agile partners as a Bronze Transformation Partner in 2020, becoming the first SAFe partner in Ukraine. The SAFe partnership represents the company’s significant experience in helping companies implement Agile practices across their organizations.

As an Agile Transformation company, Symphony Solutions has already helped numerous clients improve their business processes, employee productivity and engagement, having trained over 1000 people, including our own colleagues.

“Becoming a partner with SAFe is an important step for Symphony Solutions. What makes us especially proud is that we are the first SAFe partner in Ukraine. It proves our commitment to master the level of services we offer and our dedication to clients’ success on their Agile journey”,


Symphony Solutions has been in close collaboration with Graphyte since 2018. The companies work together on transforming the iGaming industry by introducing AI solutions.

Graphyte has previously worked with Symphony Solutions on two of its products: Graphyte Recommend and Intelligent Layouts. These revolutionary solutions allow to bring precise services to the bettor and positively change the gaming experience with ultra-personalization.

“The work they produce has been integral in winning business and expanding out to multiple brands in the marketplace. Thanks to their work, we have been creating new product verticals.”


Symphony Solutions marketing team earned the Google Partner badge in search advertising, proving the quality of their advertising services and demonstrating advanced knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products. 

Having access to all the advantages that come along with the partnership, including Google learning materials and trends, we’ll be able to deliver even better results to our clients’ businesses. We’ll keep working on improving our knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products, push our performance and build long-lasting relationships with our customers; and this is something we have already been doing. However, we are so happy to be recognized by Google for doing all of this on a daily basis. 

Symphony Solutions has been supporting the Service Design Network since 2019, having hosted the first ever Service Design Day in Ukraine, bringing together professionals from all backgrounds on the basis of shared passion for Service Design. 

Symphony Solutions has organized numerous educational events together with SDN, providing not only support, but its expertise and professional experience. Head of Symphony Design Office, Kateryna Zaiko is also the co-founder of SDN Ukraine.