Agile Services
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Explore the full potential of your organization with Agile ways of working and thrive in a dynamic and flexible environment. 

Set your mind toward achieving business agility 

Agile brings a positive shift in the mindset that is aimed at better adapting to change and streamlining your work processes — all that you need to keep the focus on delivering value to the client.  

When you introduce Agile to your organization and strive for business agility, you progress toward a new way of working and team alignment, that allows you to gain momentum and become more flexible and responsive to market change.  

Agile teaches you to focus on delivering tangible results and deriving client satisfaction. Whether you are still getting familiar with the basic concepts or are seeking to improve in your Agile ways and get certifications, you want to get expert Agilists on board. 

Symphony Solutions’ Lean Agile Center for Excellence provides Agile Services including training, coaching, and consultancy to get your organization set on their Agile Transformation journey and provide expert support on every step of the way. 

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Agile Services we offer 

Find out where you are in your Agile journey and get expert support on every step of the way: 

Agile Transformation

Set out on your Agile Transformation journey, starting with Agile assessment, and change the way your business works from the inside out, moving toward a flat organization of small autonomous teams, open, adaptable, and engaged in continuous improvement.

Agile Training and Certifications

Introduce your team to the principles of Agile and start molding their new Agile mindset to positively change their approach to that of continuous improvement, flexibility, collaboration, and taking ownership of task and project delivery.

Agile Consulting

Symphony Solutions’ skilled Agile change agents consult your organization and provide guidance towards your adopting Agile ways of working.

Agile Coaching

Symphony Solutions’ skilled Agile change agents coach teams toward a faster and more effective way of working. We provide one-on-one coaching or group support until your teams are self-sustaining.