Agile Development
“Agile Transformation Company of 2017” Award
Agile Development

“Agile Transformation Company of 2017” Award

Symphony Solutions Agile Transformation Company of 2017

Symphony Solutions receives Award from “Technology Headlines” Magazine

Why is this award important? And why is Agile important? In fact, a person or company should not judge progress by awards and recognition, and Agile is not the way for everyone. But if the company is Symphony Solutions, it is the only way. Why, because Symphony Solutions has found that focus on their people, their only real assets, is best achieved in an Agile driven management framework.

At Symphony Solutions, the Agile imperative goes beyond the Agile development methodology for engineering teams, which enables lean management and quick turn-around, to an agile style across the entire company. This means that all support functions, such as Recruiting, HR, Marketing, Finance, and The Leadership Team, operate in the flat management style, using Scrum Masters and daily stand-ups, to achieve objectives across a 3-month planning cycle.

What about Clients

Symphony Solutions has committed significant resources to an internal Agile certification center. The expert coaches give Agile training throughout the year to new employees, engineers in the local communities in which they operate, and clients. When clients come to Symphony Solutions, they are often eager to receive Agile training for their people who work so closely with ours. This creates a stronger affinity on each side and tends to blur the lines between service provider and client, which leads to a stronger end result.

What is Agile Space

Agile Space – an educational platform for people interested in Agile, Scrum, Kanban and SAFe was founded at Symphony Solutions in 2016. Their mission is to accelerate organizational Agility through coaching, trainings, unconferences, workshops, certified classes and consulting.
Up till now, more than 40 Agile events were conducted and more than 700 participants took part in the Agile trainings and certifications.
The platform continues to grow, providing Agile education for Symphony Solutions employees and external participants.

Symphony Solutions Agile Company of the Year Award from “Technology Headlines”

Symphony Solutions does not cultivate recognition or awards, because this diverts attention from the primary focus on their people who service the business every day. By carefully tending our people and their needs, the people take care of the business and its growth. However, that “Technology Headlines Magazine” has seen value in our commitment to Agile is extremely gratifying, and we thank them for noticing and responding to those efforts.

What truly sets Symphony Solutions apart is not the range of services they provide, but their Agile-driven modus operandi. To that accord, every employee respects and works by the Agile principles. Starting from the leadership team, to the latest junior hires, even the Finance and Human Resources (called Employee Relationship Management) teams are Agile.

“Technology Headlines” wrote of Symphony Solutions