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Full-cycle custom mobile app development company with 10+ years of experience. Symphony Solutions builds Native and Hybrid mobile apps as well as iOS and Android

Our custom app development services contain a full-cycle process purposed to design, build and maintain native and hybrid apps for businesses using cost-effective and user-friendly strategies that work across every platform.

Taking a flexible approach to application architecture ensures our mobile application development services are adaptable to a wide range of uses best-practices recommended by Android and Apple.

For ease-of-use and flexibility, we use modern programming languages including Kotlin on Android, Swift on iOS, and TypeScript on Ionic. The Symphony customized mobile app development process follows iOS Human Interface and Android Material design guidelines.

Custom Mobile Apps Development Technology Stack

Platforms and Frameworks

  • Android SDK|
  • Ionic 2|
  • iOS App Frameworks|
  • Cordova|
  • PhoneGap


  • Kotlin|
  • Swift|
  • Objective C|
  • Javascript

Architectural Approaches

  • MVVM|
  • MVP|
  • MVI|


Custom Mobile App Development Services

iOS App Development
When developing custom iOS apps, we use the Continuous Integration process and automate development steps, from code quality assurance to application deployment in the Apple Store. We use Apple framework integrations, including ApplePay for secure payments. 
Native App Development
Get the platform coverage you need. Custom mobile applications developed for every platform, using tools and methodologies that ensure they are built to a native standard that gives businesses and users a positive experience. 
Android App Development
When developing Android apps, we use the Continuous Integration process and automate development steps. From code quality assurance to application deployment in the Google Play Store, Symphony has extensive experience in the Android ecosystem. This way, we ensure the app you want to launch will pass Google Play Store quality guidelines. 
Hybrid App Development
To give our clients the most cost-effective app development experience possible, we develop hybrid apps that support native features. Symphony Solutions ensure these are, as close as possible, aligned with the needs of each platform, with a shared code-base and architecture. 

How We Deliver