We are Agile

People are at the core
of our values

so we have created the Agile Certification Center to offer industry-leading training and certification programs, allowing individuals and teams to develop their Agile skills. An integral part of Symphony Solutions, Agile goes well beyond development teams and penetrates the company on all levels, incorporated across departments.

Symphony Lean-Agile Center
of Excellence (LACE)

Full-time, cross-functional lean agile change management team that is driving the transformation of our company to a Lean-Agile way of working.

7 years to LACE and Agile Space

LACE certifications

Leading SAFe 5.0
with SAFe Agilist

SAFe 5.1 Scrum Master
with SAFe Scrum Master Certification

SAFe 5.0 for Teams
with SAFe Practitioner Certification

SAFe 5.0 Product Owner /
Product Manager with SAFe Product Owner/ Product Manager Certification

Management 3.0 Foundation Course

Agile Space

we are agile
Community of Agile
advocates and learners

It expands beyond Symphony Solutions and unites all professionals pursuing their journey with Agile by creating the space for learning, sharing, gaining, and inspiring Agile change agents without a difference to which company/industry/domain they belong. 

Agile Dojo game time

Agile Dojo 

Playing the game will give you an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to work in a SCRUM team. We will immerse participants into the imaginary world with close-to-real business cases, challenging tasks, strict deadlines, and most important real Scrum teams. You will become co-creators of your learning experience and take away will depend only on your input and attitude. 

Scrum Basics Training at Symphony Lviv office

Scrum Basics Training

The training will be helpful for both beginners and those who already practice Agile and Scrum. Participants will learn to use Scrum tools effectively and correctly and understand how to build an Agile environment on a project, in a team, or an entire organisation. After the training, all participants will have enough knowledge and understanding to perform the role of Scrum Master, be a member of the Scrum team, or become a leader in implementing the Scrum process in their organization.

Agile Fundamentals Training

The Agile Fundamentals course has been designed to provide individuals and teams with the knowledge to transition from traditional plan-driven project methodologies to change-driven methodologies using agile principles, frameworks, and tools. This course teaches the mindset, tools, and techniques that individuals need to be productive members of a business adopting agile working methods. 

Scrum Master Academy

It is beneficial to study at Scrum Masters Academy for all Scrum Masters-to-be who strive to help their teams be more efficient and help the organization identify and eliminate obstacles to productive work. Key objectives:

Scrum Lego training

Acquire a profound understanding of the role of Scrum Master in Agile processes and future career opportunities.

Master the skills of building a self-organized mature team and achieving teamwork.

Get all the instruments needed to become TOP Scrum Master on the market.

Develop practical skills in facilitation and coaching.