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April, 22
Application Assessment

Application Assessment

Moving your legacy application into the Cloud isn’t always a smooth sailing. Cloud application assessment will help you make your software solution ready for the Cloud

Make your application migration a smooth journey 

During application migration to clouds, it is important to have a clear strategy covering the following aspects: 

  • Switchover strategy. Will two systems work simultaneously or there will there be a day of great migration? How to avoid downtime on high-load applications? How to ensure data consistency? 
  • Taking care of migration experience of the end users to avoid them getting blocked or lose the productivity
  • How to secure data while migrating to cloud and ensure the data access rights will be provided properly? 

And many other aspects are impacting non-functional and architecture requirements. Architecture design of such systems is much more complex compared to the green-field apps. 

Before designing the solution, Symphony does the detailed application assessment mapping of the existing application 


Our application assessment services include:

  • Code analysis and application architecture to identify cloud-readiness state
  • Infrastructure architecture review and optimization suggestions
  • Study the current app test and deploy procedure to ensure we can properly handle the support or modify the existing app functionality if needed

Perform additional assessments appropriate for business needs: 

  • Security
  • Cloud Economics
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Operation

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