Application Assessment

Application Assessment

Whether you’re moving your legacy application into the Cloud or optimizing an existing Cloud solution that you are not happy about, it’s not always a smooth sailing. Cloud application assessment will help you make the most out of the Cloud

Make your application migration a smooth journey

If you are migrating your existing application to the Cloud, it is important to have a clear strategy covering the following aspects: 

Switchover strategy. Will two systems work simultaneously or will there be a day of great migration? How to avoid downtime on high-load applications? How to ensure data consistency?
Taking care of migration experience of the end users to avoid them getting blocked or lose the productivity
How to secure data while migrating to cloud and ensure the data access rights will be provided properly?

And many other aspects are impacting non-functional and architecture requirements. Architecture design of such systems is much more complex compared to the green-field apps.

Before designing the solution, Symphony does the detailed application assessment mapping of the existing application.

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Our application assessment services include:

Security services
  • Penetration testing
    Cybersecurity is not something to be taken lightly today. The statistics suggests that about 88% of organizations worldwide experienced spear phishing attempts. What it’s even more mind-boggling, on average, only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected. We hope that you are not a part of the numbers but most likely one of your competitors or someone in the business are. And you want to be safe in the knowledge that your sensitive information is secure, source code and IP are properly protected.Penetration testing helps you find the vulnerabilities in your system before hackers do. It’s a simulation of an attack on an organization’s network and its systems. Pen testing is performed by our team of certified penetration testing consultants that work on finding gaps and weaknesses, evaluate system’s security and based on the results offer recommendations for improvement.
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)
    Taking the security into account from the very beginning not only reduces the total cost of software development but also saves time and reputation. A research shows that finding a security vulnerability when your product is already in production is almost 100 times more expensive than finding during the development!
    Secure development life cycle factors security from the very beginning of the development process by developing your product in a secure way and making it hack-proof.
Security services

 When business understands the costs of cloud computing, its benefits and the economy behind it, they can use that knowledge to optimize their investments and leverage the full potential of cloud solutions.  

Cloud economics is not merely about cutting costs, it helps understand the capital you possess, operational expenses needed, and ultimately achieve business agility by meeting business goals faster and more efficiently.  

With Cloud economics we follow standard processes to determine cloud computing ROI and total cost of ownership (TCO), and use this data to help companies optimize their cloud investments and chooser the best way of cloud adoption.  

Cloud Economics

Efficient development team, quicker go-to-market for new features, less time for stabilization, integration, testing, and fewer bugs – DevOps services can help achieve your business goals faster without compromising the quality.  

Routine automation in the software development process reduces time and effort typically spent on manual tasks like application testing, infrastructure or deployment. We will help you choose the right toolset, take care of Continuous Integration, Branching, Build and Release and work on reducing manual testing.  

Additional Application Assessment services:

  • Code analysis and application architecture to identify cloud-readiness state.
  • Infrastructure architecture review and optimization suggestions.
  • Study the current app test and deploy procedure to ensure we can properly handle new features delivery or maintenance operations.
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DevOps & Operations
DevOps & Operations
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