DevOps Services

DevOps Services

Deliver higher quality products in less time and make smarter use of your budget with DevOps services

Establish fast track delivery for your application 

Imagine you plan to build a new application or add more features to the existing one. At the same time, make it more scalable, secure, and ensure it is compliant to all corporate or industry regulations. You have a great development team or only an intention to create one. But most importantly, you do have a clear list of requirements:

  • Efficient and productive team.
  • Quicker go-to-market for your business features.
  • More time for brainstorming on new killer-features and hypothesis testing.
  • Fewer bugs in the production and readiness to go live at any time the business wants it.

The best way to achieve this is by integrating DevOps practices and automation into your processes.

DevOps is not only an approach to software delivery but also a new management culture that embraces Agile software development and uses rapid iterations and continuous improvement to achieve business goals faster without compromising the quality of service. By automating software development routine, it reduces the time and effort spent on manual tasks such as application testing, build and deployment. So, it’s a great way to make your development team more efficient and allow them to deliver faster.

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Automate and improve

Reporting, requirement management, project management capabilities.


  • Atlassian Jira.
  • Rally Software.
  • Microsoft TFS.
  • BaseCamp.
  • Asana.

Adjusting the toolset and branching strategy to the current product development needs. 

Maintaining an on-going integration process along with adapting the culture, is a challenge. We can help enterprises overcome these challenges through Cloud-powered collaboration tools and in-depth needs assessments for end-to-end implementation of DevOps practices in line with your software delivery strategy.


  • Source Control: Git, GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, TFS.
  • Code Analysis: Sonar Qube, Fortify, Veracode.

In most cases, application development usually starts from the manual build, which is a tedious process that hampers the quality of code as well as the time-to-market. It results in poor clarity and visibility of the project. This is often a result of the lack of team cohesion while merging and exchanging code to build an application. It also causes delays in critical business decision-making, hampering project deployment. 



  • Build Automation: Maven, Ant, Gradle, MSBuild, WebPack, gulp.
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, Azure DevOps, Atlassian Bamboo, Octopus.
  • Artifact Management: AWS Artifact, Sonatype Nexus, JFrog Artifactory, NuGet, npm, PyPI.
  • Secure Vaults: HashiCorp Vault, Azure Key Vault, AWS KMS, Ansible Vault.

The need for quicker product readiness forces companies to remain in the mode of manual application testing, without additional investments to test automation. It leads to delaying the ability to release the feature quickly and predictably estimate the time required. It also becomes a bottleneck for the new version release process, making its automation almost useless. 


  • Quality Gate: Fortify, SonarCloud.
  • Automation Frameworks: Selenium, Locust, Appium,, Behave, MSpec, wire mock. 
  • Software: Zephyr, TestRail, QMetry, Test Café.

Automation for routine operations often addresses the bottleneck of infrastructure configuration, scaling, and management. Automation can help you address deployment of all types of environments, tools installation, tuning of configs, resolving defects in networking, orchestrating containers and operational system resourcesOtherwise, these areas can easily overflow even the strongest team of Cloud / Ops Engineers. 


  • Configuration Management: AWS Config, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, Docker 
  • Infrastructure Management: Terraform, AWS Cloudformation 
  • Deployment: Vagrant, Helm, Octopus Deploy 

DevOps services we offer

While the development team focuses on business goals, the Symphony Cloud Services team can take care of routine automation, implementing modern Cloud toolset from AWS.

Expediting current processes

Our Cloud and DevOps consultants expedite existing processes of

⋅ Tasks management and bug tracking.
⋅ Code Integration and Branching Strategy.
⋅ Build and Release management.
⋅ Auto-testing and Quality Gates.
⋅ Release infrastructure: Configuration and Management and provide suggestions on how it can be automated and improved.

Expediting current processes

We help choose the right DevOps and Automation toolset based on what AWS and other suppliers offer.

Helping choose the right toolset

Our DevOps Engineers take care of Source code management, Branching, Build and Release pipeline automation. Consult developers on how to implement new approaches and CI/CD automation to the existing flow.

Continuous Integration, Branching, Build and Release

Our QA Automation experts work on reducing manual testing efforts due to the integration of automated tests as a part of the build process. We leverage industry-leading CI tools that allow us to build and test projects continuously. Introducing Quality Gates as a part of the product release lifecycle. We also train the test engineers team to use the Cloud Automation toolset as well as best practices of Continuous Testing.

Reducing manual testing

Research of security-related features and processes related to development and production infrastructure and application itself. Symphony Infosec team provides the list of recommendations to be followed by the development team, DevOps, and IT.

Security-related research

Taking the security into account from the very beginning not only reduces the total cost of software development but also saves time and reputation. A research shows that discovering a security vulnerability when your product is already in production is almost 100 times more expensive than finding during the development!

The question of security is especially important for industries like Fintech or Healthcare where strict compliance policies need to be followed, and having security breaches is an extremely risky and expensive gap.

By opting for secure development, you are solving not one but a couple of your problems, such as:

  • Minimize the costs of security-related issues.
  • Avoid repetitive security issues and inconsistent level of security.
  • Deliver secure source code, secure deployment, secure infrastructure.
  • Get an application that fully meets compliance (ie. HIPPA, PCI, SOC, PII).
  • Increase trust for key stakeholder and clients.
Secure software development life cycle
Secure software development life cycle
Secure software development life cycle
Secure software development life cycle
Secure software development life cycle
Secure software development life cycle
Secure software development life cycle


Cloud Solution Extends Portfolio
Cloud Solution Extends Portfolio
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Sportsbook Platform Performance Boost for Ladbrokes Coral 
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