Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We help businesses enter the digital world and create an engaged and dedicated customer base by implementing digital marketing orchestration for real-time and quality results.

If it’s not on the internet does it even exist?
With marketing largely moving online, any company is sure to benefit from establishing a strong online presence, engaging in digital marketing and building a close relationship with the customer, no matter the industry.
Symphony Solutions team of digital marketing specialists can provide a full spectrum of digital marketing services, spanning from conducting marketing research and identifying customer personas, creating a strategic plan for your company, to building brand awareness and driving traffic to your website for potential lead generation. Our experts consolidate all the generated activity into a unified customer experience with marketing orchestration approach and omnichannel solutions.

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Knowing how to apply digital marketing strategies in building your online presence and gaining social media influence can place you a step ahead of the competition.
What makes digital marketing so different from your run-of-the-mill marketing strategies? Here are some things to consider:

Global reach

Modern technologies and the internet reach across borders and allow you to target a wide audience well beyond your city, country or even continent. Whether you are selling physical goods or offering services, a person from any part of the world can come across your website or social media page and consider becoming a customer.

Targeted audience and personalization

Market research allows you to determine your target audience and directly target your advertising and marketing campaigns by age, gender, location. Online algorithms are fine-tuned to deliver personalized search results and ads. With defining customer segmentation, you can create hyper-targeted, niche ads that you can be sure will reach your customer.

Customer loyalty

Digital marketing is aimed at engaging the customers, earning their trust and long-term dedication, making them come back to you time and time again.


With targeted advertising and PPC campaigns you know exactly what you’re paying for. And by being able to track all the important data like traffic, page visits, unique visits, leads, and conversion, you can measure the ROI.

Easy to track and measure results

With the tools available, you can easily track impressions and engagement, and see specific numbers of how your ads and content are performing. What search terms bring customers to your website, what they find most appealing, what makes them click.

Digital Marketing Services

We offer both b2b digital marketing services and b2c digital marketing services, depending on your business focus. Our services include:

Omnichannel Digital Marketing Strategy & Consultancy

It starts with thorough market research and competitor analysis. Understanding the market mechanics and knowing what the competitors have got to offer can help in deciding on the marketing strategy and winning the company its stronghold on the market. Our digital marketing consultancy services provide with thorough market research and competitor analysis, presenting the company’s prospects and proposing a digital marketing strategy for future business growth.

Any marketing activities rely on relevant and reliable data. With our marketing analytics services we will deliver data that matters to your business and that you can get meaningful insights from. We start with setting up the analytics (Google or Adobe analytics toolbox), integration with various marketing tools (Hotjar, Braze, Mailchimp via Google Tag Manager, Rudderstack or others) and with internal CRMs (Hubspot, Bitrix, others) followed by setting up conversion tracking and visualizing all data as easy to comprehend dashboards (Google Data Studio). Finally, to uncover unique insights we present analysis and give recommendations based on the gathered data.

High-quality targeted content can become the core pillar of your marketing strategy. Content marketing entails creating short and long-form content for your social media, website and other marketing purposes – blog posts, articles, web content, whitepapers, infographics, videos. Symphony Solutions marketing copywriters and designers create unique quality content to represent your brand, attract and inform potential customers. With SEO in mind, they give you content that drives website traffic and turns it into leads.

With search engine marketing you can guarantee your website to appear on top of search results pages with relevant ad placement. Paid ads are displayed on search result pages for relevant search terms either listed first in the search results or opposite free search results.

Place yourself where potential customers will see you. With search engine optimization you can push your website to the top of search results for search terms relevant to your business or industry. Symphony Solutions offers SEO services including full SEO audit of your website and keyword research.

Optimize your mobile apps to rank higher on the app store search result page, appear on the Explore page to increase conversion rate and maximise organic traffic. Symphony Solutions team achieves this by improving the presentation of the app with precise and optimized description, high-quality screenshots, relevant keywords. Showcase your app the right way to reach more people and improve ranking with positive reviews.

PPC is an efficient and cost-effective way to generate traffic to your website. Symphony Solutions provide full-cycle ad process or may work with an already existing Google AdWords account and social media. Deliver your message to the right people, only paying for the actual result when the ad is clicked. And regular assessment of campaigns and their performance
Campaigns audit and how to improve their performance

Social media is a powerful source of engagement with potential leads and customers. Symphony Solutions digital marketing team utilizes SMM and advertising on different social media platforms to bring your message to your target audience and create an engaged and dedicated following.

Symphony Solutions offers branding services to help you find your own voice and identity, sending your message to your target audience. The digital marketing team and the design team work on creating your unique brand identity and guide you through the whole process – discovery, positioning, designing, development and communication.

Symphony Solutions stands at the forefront of innovation by utilizing AI technologies for the benefit of the clients. AI-driven content personalization allows you to interact with the customers on a personal level by delivering engaging and relevant content via omnichannel.

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Our Digital Marketing process

Audit & Research
At this stage our marketing team performs an audit of digital marketing activities and existing marketing channels, runs a thorough marketing analysis of the main competitors on the market, as well as reviews the changing market.
Strategic planning of digital marketing activities
This entails all the preliminary work necessary to set your marketing campaign up for success – researching the competition, creating customer personas, choosing the right tools. Once the research is done and you know where you’re standing in terms of competition and target audience, the next step is determining KPIs, business objectives and setting up a budget.
This stage encompasses the following aspects:
Data & Analytics
Fixing existing analytics tools and dashboards or setting them up to be able to track the important data such as website visits, unique visits, traffic, engagement and conversions.
Recognizable and meaningful, your brand has a direct impact on how you are perceived on the market. You want it to be unique and send a message.
Design and Development
It’s good to utilize existing digital marketing channels. However, having a business website instantly sets you a step above the competitors who are still wary of making that investment. It helps you stand proudly and proclaim “I am”.
Content is King!
It’s no longer that easy to attract your customer’s attention with generic messages. The competition is harsh, so you want to have something to stand out from the crowd. Give your customers meaningful and valuable content that goes beyond just pushing them to make a one-time purchase.
Social Media presence
Bring your business to where the potential customer is most likely to see it. Social media is excellent in this regard because it encourages engagement and long-term retention.
When you’ve got everything set up, it’s time to let your audience know about your existence. Targeted advertising is a way to deliver your message to a curated audience that are already interested in your product or service.
Tracking progress
Knowing where your customers come from, what they are looking for, how they are engaging with your content. All this helps you see if your efforts are bringing results and plan for the future.

Why choose us as your Digital Marketing Services Provider?

Omnichannel orchestration

Modern technologies and the internet reach across borders and allow you to target a wide audience well beyond your city, country or even continent. Whether you are selling physical goods or offering services, a person from any part of the world can come across your website or social media page and consider becoming a customer.

Alignment of marketing, design and development personalization

We take a holistic approach to our clients, meaning that we unify our digital marketing activities with design and development. This comprehensive approach is proving to be more cost-efficient and time-efficient for our clients in the long run.

Transparent approach

With the big hype around digital marketing, marketing efforts don’t always bring the results the clients are hoping for. That’s why we are tacking a completely transparent approach. Our digital marketing team is making sure that you’re not only getting your money’s worth but also understand what is being done and why. This means we take time and efforts to educate our clients why certain activities are important and how they can bring results in the future.

Agile methodology

Working in the Agile methodology, Symphony Solutions is all about setting and reaching ‘smart’ goals. Our strategies are bringing the client tangible results and benefit the business. It’s quantity multiplied by quality.

Focus on technical SEO

It’s one of our key focuses. Because we are an IT company and have a long-term marketing experience, we made technical SEO one of our key focuses and a backbone of our service offering. This comprises on-page, as well as off-page SEO to increase the ranking in search engines.

Proven experience and results

With years of experience and dozens of clients, we have a track record of success both with b2b and b2c clients. Our clients are impressed with the thoroughness we devote into our research and passion we put into our work.

Digital Marketing Services FAQs

How can your business benefit from digital marketing services?

The main advantage of digital marketing services is the fact that if applied correctly, they can get you a step head of your competition. You can expect to gain:

  • Wider audience across the globe
  • Deliver personalized content and reach your target audience
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Cost-effectiveness with targeted ads and PPC
  • Easy to track and measurable results

Traditional marketing is often more costly and less effective compared to digital marketing. According to recent statistics, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and is capable of generating 3 times more leads. Thus, making digital marketing is a more cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing that can attract a wider audience globally.
Additionally, traditional marketing offers little customer-brand interaction, campaign results are harder to measure and as a result, to learn from. It has limited customization options. Especially, if you are interested in targeting a specific age group or industry. In contrast, personalization and segmentation of digital marketing offers better conversion. When you are using Google ads you can expect your ad to be seen by exactly the kind of users you want.

In today’s data-driven world digital marketing is no longer one of the possibilities but is the most effective way of building your brand, growing clientele, engaging and attracting customers, as well as building an effective communication with your customers, driving traffic, converting visitors into customers and increasing profits. With all the variety of digital marketing activities investing in long-term strategy and SEO should a top priority and a starting point. Having a marketing strategy set could then progress in investing in other activities that support this strategy, such as content marketing, branding services, social media marketing and paid ads campaigns.

Digital marketing services for small businesses highly depend on their marketing strategy and their specific needs. Hence firstly, it makes sense to focus on marketing audit of their digital marketing activities and existing marketing channels, analysis of competitors and the market overall. Based on these findings, marketing strategy should be built. And then to support this strategy and growth some of the following services might be a good idea:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Advertising

Marketing strategy is a company’s long-term action plan that supports its business goals and focuses on promoting the product or services a company offers and gaining a competitive advantage. When building digital marketing strategy, firstly, it’s important to take into account business overall, its size, the industry, competition and audience (whether it’s b2b, b2c, or a mix of both).
Based on these findings and taking into account the budget and timeline (if the company is interested in long-term or short-term results), digital marketing strategy is drawn. It takes into account all other marketing activities such as SEO research, content marketing, social media and email marketing, paid ads campaigns etc.
Once the strategy is built business can gradually add new channels. The important step in building the strategy is analyzing and tracking the activities to stay up-to-date and adjust the strategy when needed.

A digital marketing strategist is a person responsible for delivering and implementing a digital marketing strategy. Their role includes researching and looking for a new marketing opportunities and marketing channels, as well as analyzing competitors’ strategies, and looking for the most effective ways to raise the brand engagement and awareness, and increasing sales.

Digital marketing audit focuses on unlocking marketing relevance and performance at scale by adapting to the rapidly changing needs of customers. Generally, business needs a digital marketing audit in two cases, either to audit and analyze the competitors and market to understand how the market grow and develops and how the competitors react to stay relevant. The second use case is when your business is working with some third-party partners or marketing agency that provides digital marketing services for your business and you need to see how they are performing to estimate the effectiveness, compared with the competitors.

We are observing the erasure of borders between digital and non-digital worlds, with the former seeping into all aspects of our everyday life. The new experiences alter the customer’s perception of what is the norm, accounting for much higher expectations and demands when it comes to products and services. This calls for a more elaborate marketing strategy on the part of business. This is where marketing orchestration comes into play as it strings together seemingly odd parts of the business marketing campaigns scattered across platforms and aligns them into a thought-out marketing strategy.
Marketing orchestration helps eliminate data silos and reduce confusion by aligning the customer journey across multiple platforms. The end user and their customer journey stand at the centerpoint of digital marketing. Marketing orchestration strives to deliver customer journey experiences that are consistent, personalized and relevant. Customer interactions are optimized across different channels creating a personalized customer experience. The Omnichannel provides a unique customer journey and relevant engagement with the audience in real time.

They’re highly competent. They have passion around engineering and their management team. They’ve delivered work for us under extremely difficult circumstances.
Head of Sportsbook Architecture Gambling Company
They delivered an entire Sportsbook app with 35 people. We reduced our yearly costs by working with them.
Ladbrokes Coral CEO
We do not focus on any particular technology, we simply build the best-dedicated teams for our clients.
Theo Schnitfink Founder of Symphony Solutions
They’re skilled in Agile. Without them, we wouldn’t have made nearly the progress we have with Agile.
VirtualStock Vice-President
Their desire to go the extra mile is a rare quality in third-party relationships.
CEO Blexr Ltd
Their desire to go the extra mile is a rare quality in third party relationships.

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