Omnichannel Approach for Italian Software House

Omnichannel Approach for Italian Software House

Industry: IT
Client since: 2020
Established strong presence
across Omnichannel
Improved brand perception
attested by clients
Services used
Application Development Digital marketing Experience Design
Technologies used


The customer-centric business model has a strong focus on creating a comprehensive user experience. Omnichannel orchestration as an alliance of Marketing, Design and Development, is what can help to reimagine the company positioning and brand, establish a strong presence on the market and build a relationship with the customer.

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WWG is a respectable Italian software house with 20 years of experience with expertise in digital innovation technology. The company offers consulting services for start-ups to help new companies realize their potential and enter the market. WWG strives to bring value and innovation in every department.


WWG set an ambitious goal to garner the brand’s rich history and present it to new markets in the shortest period of time. The company needed a comprehensive omnichannel solution that would encompass marketing, rebranding and new website development, as well as setting up a stronghold on social media. 

The new face of our company is professional and gives a strong sense of skill and competency. We’ve firmly established our presence across channels. Symphony Solutions team accounted for every tiny detail and how it could affect us long-term when it comes to marketing and sales.

Mohamed Deramchi, Founder & CEO of WWG


Symphony Solutions recognized the urge for a new strategy to expand WWG’s potential and took on the Omnichannel approach comprising:  

Agile approach 

Multiple teams were working on the project – designers, marketing specialists, developers and QAs. Working in the Agile framework accommodated team alignment and quick decision making and allowed to deliver a ready-to-use product in mere weeks. 

Marketing research and strategy

Symphony Solutions Marketing team provided in-house marketing research and developed a roll-out strategy that would help present WWG to the market in its newly refined form, accounting for long-term outcomes and prospective growth for the company. 

Design Thinking Workshop  

The Design team conducted a co-creative design thinking workshop with the client.  

The results of the branding process were delivered in three iterations: 

  • Determined Core Values and created a general sketch of the new visual language and logo. 
  • Defined the logo and how it works in different digital and non-digital environments. 
  • Created consistent brand identity through different channels and touchpoints.
Design Workshop WWG

Website Development  

The Development team created a completely new corporate lead generation website fully customized to the client’s needs. The new website is flexible and easy to operate: the individual page builder operates much like a constructor, allowing the client to create any page or component, adjust and personalize it.  

Omnichannel approach  

Omnichannel strategy based on market research allowed to align all the channels of communication, set up channels where WWG was underrepresented, and create a seamless user experience.  

WWG collage


  • Sophisticated stylish design and professional image for the company supported by marketing strategy.
  • Improved brand positioning and perception on the IT market as attested by clients and partners.
  • Established a strong presence on social media platforms and aligned all channels of communication. 
  • Fast release following agile processes – fully functioning ready-to-use product in three weeks.
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