Omnichannel Solution to Make Testing for Covid-19 Fast and Safe

Omnichannel Solution to Make Testing for Covid-19 Fast and Safe

Industry: Healthcare
Client since: 2020
Developed a cross-platform web app
Created a lead-generating website
Added admin portal for the management processes
Services used
Application Development Cloud & DevOps
Technologies used


During the Covid crisis, there is an urgent need for quick testing with immediate results. However, on average, tests are taking 48+ hours. The existing situation clearly indicated the arising need for testing facilities which are accessible, affordable, and allow people to get results in the matter of minutes, not days. This rapid testing is not only for the comfort of an individual who wants to get tested and go on with their life, but also allows eliminating the risk of asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers spreading further the virus, endangering people around them without even as much as suspecting it.

“We saw everything happening before our eyes. That was quite inspiring.”

Jeroen de Jong Director, Virusspeedtest B.V.


Spoedtestcorona, a chain of testing centers offering rapid screening tests for Covid-19 to individuals as well as companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. The service provides an extremely reliable rapid test that makes it clear within 15 minutes after the test has been carried out whether there is an infection or not.


To enable such quick testing, our client needed help designing the service and ensuring its visibility from B2B and B2C perspectives. Given that the client was on a tight schedule, MVP had to be built within two weeks. 


The Symphony Solutions team worked in multiple directions, providing a comprehensive solution for both digital and non-digital parts. This entailed: service design, branding, web development, testing, DevOps and digital marketing services, and more. 

The team built a web application where people or companies are able to register for a test in their preferred location, pay online and receive an email with results in 15 minutes after the test is done. Besides that, companies can purchase multiple tests for their employees. Another part of the project is an Admin portal where all the management is done – locations, schedules, clients, doctors and the test results. 

Taking into account client’s tight schedule and project requirements, we have chosen Amazon Web Services platform for building the cloud native application. This gave us all the development and production infrastructure we needed to deliver the project on time.  


  • A cross-platform web application, where people can register for testing.
  • An admin portal to perform all the management.
  • A lead-generating website.
  • Omnichannel marketing strategy brought first results within 2 days after the project launch.
  • Project delivered within extremely tight 2.5-week timeframe.
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