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Integration Services

Optimize and enhance the iGaming user experience with cross-platform integrations

The integration of data feeds and casino games in iGaming is a key part of our service offering to the iGaming industry. The provision of feeds from trusted sources provide bettors with valuable information that impacts user behaviour and their decision-making process, determining the gaming experience and overall satisfaction of the user, be it in sports betting or in online casinos.

Symphony Solutions offers gaming and data integration solutions for enhanced user experience. We do this in an agile fashion, delivering value quickly to the operators.

With many years of experience in delivering integration services to the iGaming industry, we provide consistent and engaging omnichannel user experiences, working with platforms, websites and mobile applications.

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Common Integration Scenarios

platform integration services for online casino providers

Online Casino Operators: Gaming Integrations from suppliers

Top content engages the user, keeping them on your site and entertained. From the latest casino games, to live dealer integrations and pooled jackpots, we have you covered and are able to integrate new game modules, as well as industry leading back-office modules to provide game transaction history, game management as well as financial and KPI reporting.

platform integration services for sports betting software

Sports Betting Operators: Virtual Sports

Advances in virtual sports visualizations and simulations allow for an experience that is similar to ‘real’ sports.


24/7 betting opportunities even when real-life sports events are out of season or otherwise unavailable.

Can be configured across multiple channels - retail, terminal, mobile, and desktop - making for a compelling business proposition.
Symphony Solutions offers an experienced data integration team that is focused on the delivery of value to the operator quickly.

data feeds integration services for sports betting

Sports Betting Operators: Esports

There’s a remarkable surge in interest in Esports, driven by a new generation of bettors, presenting an exciting opportunity for operators.


Esports is one of the fastest-growing sectors of sports betting; Covid-19 accelerated the trend and we expect this growth to continue.

Taps into a new group of users, offering highly engaging content, and is least affected by social distancing mandates.
Symphony Solutions provides solutions that allow operators to quickly integrate an Esports offer into their iGaming platform, providing a broad selection of Esports events, as well as features that drive engagement such as live scores and statistics.

Sports Betting Operators: Traditional Sports feeds

Sports Betting Operators: Traditional Sports feeds

Operators are well-aware of the seasonal dependency of traditional sports, allowing for longer periods of calm, or even drawbacks with events being cancelled or postponed. Nevertheless, this can be an opportunity to enhance the current pre-match, live sports feeds and video streams, ensuring that when sporting events return, operators will be ahead of the curve.


Has the largest audience, following the delays and cancellations in worldwide sports events due to Covid-19 there will be a sharp increase once events are re-opened.

Live in-play sports betting is highly engaging.
Symphony Solutions offers services to operators, keen to modernize their apps, which include updating to newer versions of existing data feeds, adding new feed-driven content and improving their existing UX/UI across multiple channels.

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