Managed Infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure

Empower yourself for future growth, innovate and create business value while we manage the complexities of your IT infrastructure.

Ensuring Site Reliability with Infrastructure Managed Services

Symphony Solutions can get you onboard with an expert Infrastructure Managed Services team to stay on top of your website vulnerability and respond to emerging incidents 24x7x365.
Our Managed Services team takes care of your website reliability with a set-in-place algorithm for reliable system metrics monitoring and efficient incident response and management.
Agile and self-sufficient, our distributed teams boast a global presence to ensure your website is well taken care of, no matter the time zones.
Symphony Solutions is your trusted partner to help you establish a reliable system of to alert you to and remain confident that any and all breaks and leaks will be noticed and addressed in a timely manner and expert knowledge.

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Benefits of Infrastructure Managed Services

Reduced IT Infrastructure management costs

Managing your own IT infrastructure with an in-house team may require additional hiring, training and/or certification expenses which may add up while not providing the desirable instant results as in the case of getting on board with a reliable and dedicated infrastructure management service provider.

Your managed service team will have an established incident response plan, meaning that they are ready to spring into action the moment they are alerted to something going awry in your IT infrastructure. With a set action plan and a trained team on your case, minor incidents may be resolved in a matter of days or even hours depending on case severity and urgency.

Know what is happening with your system infrastructure at any time and receive reports on application metrics and business insights, and keep your system health in check.

Record and accumulate the knowledge that comes from resolving incidents and create an expert knowledge base that will help you improve procedures and grow the team’s expertise and efficiency in handling any future encounters with a system flaw or failure.

Infrastructure Managed Services
We Offer

System monitoring

  • Monitoring the activity, capacity, and health of applications
  • Monitoring of business metrics
  • Alerting policy configuration and maintaining
  • Take appropriate actions when it is required in order to prevent/minimize the negative impact on service operation
  • Proactive monitoring and trend analysis for metric anomalies
  • Periodical infrastructure status reports

Request fulfilment

  • System configuration and on-demand updates
  • New access roles creating
  • Access granting
  • Specific reports generation
  • Critical functionality sanity check (QA requests)

Incident management

  • Initial ticket acceptance from L1 or stakeholders
  • Discovery and registering
  • Priority assessment and classification of requests
  • Providing incident resolution within L2 technical support
  • Escalation of requests to L3 team
  • Periodical security updates
  • Regular status updates on tickets to service recipient

Knowledge management

  • Creating scripts for L1 support team
  • Creating and maintaining a knowledge base
  • Knowledge transfer sessions for L1/L2/L3 teamsCreating scripts for L1 support team
  • Creating and maintaining a knowledge base
  • Knowledge transfer sessions for L1/L2/L3 teams

Why choose Symphony Solutions as your Infrastructure Managed Services Provider

Symphony Solutions expert team provides Infrastructure Managed Services to take care of your system health, monitor business metrics, and respond to alerts every time an issue occurs.

  • Get an expert team on your case 24x7x365 ready to spring into action to mitigate any issues as they occur. Choose to what extent and how the team provides for your IT infrastructure needs with a flexible subscription plan.
  • The Managed Services team is a one point of access for all your infrastructure management needs, having set in place efficient incident management plan and providing reports on system health and metrics.
  • Distributed Scrum teams cover all your needs for managing your IT infrastructure, having embraced an Agile way of working and cooperating across departments, and delivering excellent results with agility, flexibility, and transparency on all steps of the process.
  • We have a proven track record to show for our firm grasp on Managed Services to help provide for all your immediate business needs with our long-standing clients that have entrusted us with managing their complex system infrastructures on an ongoing basis.
They’re highly competent. They have passion around engineering and their management team. They’ve delivered work for us under extremely difficult circumstances.
Head of Sportsbook Architecture Gambling Company
They delivered an entire Sportsbook app with 35 people. We reduced our yearly costs by working with them.
Ladbrokes Coral CEO
They’re skilled in Agile. Without them, we wouldn’t have made nearly the progress we have with Agile.
VirtualStock Vice-President

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