Enhancing Data Precision with GTM Server-Side Implementations

Enhancing Data Precision with GTM Server-Side Implementations

Industry: iGaming
Client since: 2020
Containers reduced by 90%
3x more conversion types
9% speed improvement
Services used
Data & Analytics Digital marketing
Technologies used


A tag management system offers functionality within a web-based user interface to facilitate deployment and easy management of web tags for your website or mobile application. Google Tag Manager is an all-in-one tag management solution for business clients that helps simplify and streamline the process of maintaining website tags and accommodate efficient data tracking. 

Goat Interactive was using Google Tag Manager to track data and conversions for 3rd party affiliates partners. The client required help with implementing changes to the existing solutions to address challenges in managing web tags and collecting accurate website data and analytics. Symphony Solutions team took on the task of taking the client through the implementation, helping track important data on key business events. 

Easly, the revolutionary approach to home self-testing, was born out of the need to address the gap between what people expect from healthcare and what the current system can offer. The team at Easly noticed that the current healthcare system is very busy with caring for the sick and there is relatively little room for preventive health questions. With this in mind, they have developed a platform where people can monitor their health in a way that is easy to understand. 

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GOAT Interactive is a part of the Editec Group aiming to become the number one operator in the African market. The brand is in close partnership with renowned football club brands and strives to provide a one-of-a-kind player experience with unique betting propositions, content and events – an experience that GOAT creates an authentic, highly engaging community of sports fans in the rapidly growing African market. It connects fans to clubs, leagues, and the sport they love while giving them the thrill of a bet. 


The client experienced issues with data quality when sending data to 3rd party affiliate partners. Having multiple affiliates tagging and complicated triggering rules would result in data loss or collecting inaccurate data, when data would be double counted or tags fire multiple times. Having to deal with over 20 GTM containers on the client side also caused efficiency constraints for the users. 

“Server side tagging implementation enables us with more dimensions to monitor our performance effectively without any worries about the user experience impact.” 

Mohit Chaddah, Chief Technology Officer, GOAT interactive  
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Symphony Solutions team started with adopting GTM server-side implementations and completed the migration over the course of three months. The process included the following steps: 

  • Discussing requirements and defining key business events 
  • Solution design 
  • Production infrastructure setup 
  • Frontend development 
  • GTM container configuration 
  • Go-live execution 

New implementations allowed to accurately capture key business events (i.e., Banner Click, Login, and Sign-up). Collected data is then sent to GRM server clusters that are hosted in Google Cloud Platform. Instead of multiple containers for different countries a single server side GTM container is adopted across all countries. 


In three months, Symphony Solutions team completed the adoption of GTM server side implementations, which helped resolve existing issues with data accuracy and performance efficiency. The following was achieved:  

  • Reduced number of containers from 20+ to 2 
  • Number of tags fired from client side reduced by more than 70% 
  • 9% improvement of speed on a 3G connection 
  • 3 times more conversion types measured in Online Gaming Platform 
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