iGaming Insights & Infrastructure Metrics Delivery for Goat Interactive 

iGaming Insights & Infrastructure Metrics Delivery for Goat Interactive 

Industry: Sports Betting and iGaming
Client since: October 2020
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Application Development Managed Infrastructure
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Symphony Solutions offers our customers access to a proven, cost-effective, subscription-based Cloud Services Model, one that provides iGaming customers with fresh insights, unlocking new opportunities that lead to product enhancements and richer customer experiences.
Symphony Solutions Cloud Services team operates 24/7 regardless of time zone and covers the full engagement lifecycle, from setup to ongoing reporting, maintenance and support.

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GOAT Interactive is a part of the Editec Group. Its goal is to become the number one operator in the African market. It aims to fuse the world of football and betting, creating an authentic, highly engaging community of sports fans who love the thrill of a bet. The brand is closely partnered with renowned football club brands and leverages these partnerships to provide a unique player experience, enabling GOAT to provide unique betting propositions, content and events to the rapidly growing African market – an experience that brings fans closer to clubs, leagues, and the sport they love.


Goat Interactive needed a service that provided for 24/7 monitoring and reporting with data being pulled from disparate sources in numerous formats. Data aggregation and data cleansing were to be done without the reliance upon the existing development team or the data engineers.

Accurate consolidated reports needed to be delivered daily providing information on infrastructure and functional integrity of their applications.

Goat Interactive needed a single point of support for all production-related inquiries, a team that could carry out complex issue investigation both functional and at the infrastructure level. The solution needed to be flexible and cost-effective without compromising on the quality of service.


An Infrastracture Managed Services team was created with responsibility for the maintenance and monitoring of the production applications.

Agreed roles and responsibilities were put in place for the team, along with clear incident response criteria and an escalation matrix set up.

In summary, the following were the key activities:

  • The Symphony Solutions Cloud Managed Services team proactively monitors the production. Any issues are resolved by the team without the involvement of the development team. If an issue cannot be resolved by the team, it is investigated and escalated to the development team as agreed.
  • Every morning a relevant report is generated containing the key metrics that the customer requires – number of requests, active users, in-app spending, completed bets, commissions, etc. Reports are validated by the team for quality and availability.
  • A real-time online report was made available to the client for efficient on-the-spot business decision making. Goat Interactive only sees post-validated data that is accurate and time-sensitive.
  • In case of any issue concerning any of the main business metrics, the team is the first to get notified of it and begins investigation – what went wrong, why, how to fix it. It is documented in clear, easy to understand terms.
  • The Cloud Managed Services team deals with the issue on the spot or escalates it to the development team in case they aren’t able to fix the problem independently.
  • Escalated incidents are reported to the client. Then they are added to a knowledge base and used for future reference and setting rules for data monitoring.


Reporting is entirely handled by the Symphony Solutions Cloud Managed Services team. With clear escalation paths in place for tiered incident levels, the development team is able to focus on its own development work, with the reassurance that the Cloud Managed Services team is in place and focused on system metrics and health.

Some key deliverables include the following:

  • A daily report on business and infrastructure metrics is delivered to Goat Interactive.
  • 24/7 data availability helps Goat Interactive make timely business decisions.
  • The Cloud Managed Services team proactively fixes the majority of issues that are highlighted when generating the metrics reports.
  • Dev and DevOps teams do not need to allocate their time to production support.
  • The solution facilitates efficient and timely data-driven decision making, which was one of the key goals for Goat Interactive, a key deliverable in supporting the growth of the company in the African market.
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