Symphony Academy

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Symphony Academy, our Training Center, is working with colleagues across geographies to answer your requests for higher learning and upskilling, along with the ever-popular tech hubs and communities of practice.

NEO Program

Newcomers from all our locations engage in a collaborative virtual experience, introducing them to company standards, processes, norms of behavior, and diving into our culture. We provide fun and engaging workshops and trainings to get people familiar with communication standards in the company. However, what matters most are the new relationships they develop during this 5-day intensive, with subject matter experts, leadership team, and fellow newcomers.

Mentorship program

Team up with an expert Symphonian – explore your career opportunities and grow professionally through the Mentorship program. Symphony Solutions gives you the space and opportunities for continuous knowledge sharing and nurturing of our talents within the company.

Variety of choices
to learn with Symphony

symphony academy symphony academy
General Training

Our unique culture is the cornerstone of our success – during the NEO program and later via short insightful learning sessions. We constantly foster, through training, our working values in Symphony Solutions.

Communication, Feedback, and Team Building Training: Regardless of your role, position, or cadre, you have unfettered access to our learning sessions to develop foundational skills for team productivity.

During onboarding, you are offered a test identifying your English proficiency level. Based on the feedback received, you will then be provided opportunities to upgrade your English via classes, gamified speaking opportunities, and on-the-job language-related coaching. There are additional classes for other languages arranged on demand.

symphony academy symphony academy
Technical Track

If you are interested in qualifying for a specific professional level via numerous certifications, Symphony may support you by funding your preparation and certification process. You also get certification refund costs, all based on meeting certification policy requirements.

LACE is our Lean-Agile Certification Center, which can help you get certified as an Agile practitioner.

If you are interested in sharing knowledge with your colleagues, we will help you by developing your trainer skills. We will support you in the process of preparation and delivery of your learning initiatives.

Based on your project business needs, we regularly offer short- and long-term upskilling programs.

symphony academy symphony academy
Managerial Track

Based on project needs and your career interests, we offer you opportunities to develop different aspects of your leadership skills.

At Symphony Solutions, you are regularly offered learning opportunities to develop your soft skills, from public speaking to emotional intelligence.