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Symphony A la Carte
Benefits program

Life is sweet when you are a Symphonian.
Get a taste of our a la carte benefits program!
What is Symphony A La Carte?
Finally, a personalized Benefits program as unique as you are! At Symphony Solutions, you can customize your benefits package like you'd craft your favorite ice cream dessert – guaranteed core benefits plus delightful extras you can add to suit your taste.

Our Core benefits

Start your journey with all the perks of being a part of Symphony Solutions. Core benefits are the fixed part of the package that set a strong foundation for your unique experience as a Symphonian.
Take charge of your health and well-being with a preferred healthcare provider and we’ll cover your bases from regular check-ups to urgent care.
We give you all the tools you need to be your best productive self and get those tasks done in a jiffy. Your laptop becomes your personal property after a year with Symphony Solutions. Start your first day right by receiving your personal Workstation: 
  • High-end laptop 
  • All software preinstalled 
  • It’s a gift to you from the company
From your first day at work to every anniversary, we celebrate your every milestone. Pick your gift for your wellness, entertainment, or education and we’ll reimburse the cost.
Each Symphony team gets a dedicated budget for team buildings, whether it’s offline or online. Pick a destination or an activity and create some fond memories to last!
We celebrates your personal milestones, such as weddings and childbirth, with you!

Symphony Academy is our Training Center that answers your requests for continuous learning and upskilling, organizes tech hubs, and creates communities for professionals striving for knowledge.

Pass certification – we cover the costs!

Symphony Solutions supports certification on several tracks driven by SDO, such as: 

  • AWS
  • Microsoft
Agile Certifications

Symphony Solutions’ LACE specialists are highly skilled and internationally certified Agile experts. They provide trainings to nurture your Agile mindset and help you pass certification.

Symphony Solutions’ unique onboarding program is a collaborative experience that introduces company standards, processes, and culture. 

  • Online format
  • 4-day intensive
  • Newcomers from all locations
  • Lectures and trainings with subject matter experts
  • Meet the Leadership Team
From the moment they join the company, Symphonians get 30 days of PTO per year that they are free to use however they like.
We want you to always be on top of your productivity, and certainly wouldn’t want you to drag to the office while running a fever because you’re all out of sick days. That’s why paid sick leaves are not limited.
For several occasions, Symphonians are entitled to extra (fully paid) days off as a benefit.
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Our benefits
A La Carte

Something extra to choose from – get as flexible as you can within our set yearly budget. Add that oomph to your work experience!

Home office arrangement
Grab a handful of Skittles or M&Ms while working from home! With the new a la carte benefits, you can set up your home office with an ergonomic computer desk and office chair. Or maybe get that wide screen monitor you’ve been ogling or request internet reimbursement? Get creative! 
Sometimes that coworking around the corner has just the right combination of lighting, airflow, and coffee brew to help you be your best productive self. We’ll cover the cost!
Get what you need to set up your home office, whether it’s furniture that is just right to keep you comfortable and focused, equipment that you need for work, or even internet expenses. And we’ll reimburse the cost.

Our benefits
A La Carte

Something extra to choose from – get as flexible as you can within our set yearly budget. Add that oomph to your work experience!

Mental health & Well-being
Power up with some superfood benefits a la carte! At Symphony Solutions, we embrace a holistic approach to life and work, so we want our Symphonians to be healthy in and out. It’s all a perfect combination of taking care of your body and mind, as well as maintaining a good life-work balance.
A healthy body keeps the mind clear and focused. And we’re all for that dopamine surge that you get from exercise. Get into shape and good spirits at your favorite gym or yoga studio and we’ll cover the costs.
Mental health is just as important as physical health! Take care of your mind and use this a la carte benefit to pay for private therapy sessions.
It's the perfect balance of work and vacation when you get to go places while staying on top of your work tasks and let us cover your travel and stay expenses. What's next on your list of travel destinations?

Our benefits
A La Carte

Something extra to choose from – get as flexible as you can within our set yearly budget. Add that oomph to your work experience!

Learning & Development
Sweeten it up with caramelized almonds and macadamia nuts! Boost your skills and expertise with continuous learning and development. Choose what you need to pursue your professional objectives – trainings, certification, English classes, and more. 
Virtual Communities
Work from Anywhere
Equity and multi culture
Culture of freedom and support


At Symphony Solutions, we don't just work hard - we play hard too! Join our vibrant virtual communities, where you can connect with like-minded individuals across a range of tech and non-tech interest groups. Whether you're passionate about coding, cooking, or creative writing, we've got a community for you. Share your experiences, learn from others, and discover new passions alongside your fellow Symphonians.
Say goodbye to the constraints of a traditional office and hello to the world of possibilities that remote work offers. Take a workation, travel the world, or work from the comfort of your own home - the choice is yours. And with our Symphonians located across 17 countries and counting, you can meet up with colleagues and work in a way that suits you while prioritizing your work-life balance.
For us, diversity is not just a checkbox - it's a way of life. By celebrating individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, and genders, we create an environment where everyone can learn from each other, expand their horizons and grow personally and professionally.
At Symphony Solutions, we're all about freedom, support, and creativity. Our workplace culture fosters innovation and personal growth, while valuing respect, cooperation, and inclusivity. We encourage risk-taking and experimentation, empowering our team to try out new roles and explore new approaches.

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