SAFe® 5 POPM Certification Course

SAFe® 5 POPM Certification Course

Agile Certification and Training
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Agile Training
and Certification

If Agile Assessment ignites the process of Agile Transformation, Agile Training and Agile Certification is usually the first stop on the Agile Transformation Journey.

Every successful Agile journey starts with relevant educational programs, recommended by Certified professionals who define the sequence of trainings that fit each organization’s needs. Whether you’re setting your sights on obtaining agile certifications or just need some general understanding of agile approaches and how they can help your business and teams, we can help you make the first steps.

Symphony Solutions’ LACE specialists, as ICAgile Authorized Providers (International Consortium for Agile Certification) and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Program Consultants, offer SAFe trainings for specific roles – these are open to people in any capacity who want to improve their agile practices. 

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Agile Certifications

 Agile Fundamentals
For those new to Agile methodologies, participants learn values and principles of Agile, the basics of Lean, and Agile instruments that help in regular practice. This course is the entry point into the world of Agile.
SAFe for Teams
For those seeking introduction to agile practices such as PI Planning and iterations, breaking requirements into stories, appropriating stories within increments, and practicing the team ethic.
SAFe Scrum Master
For the “team-based servant leader” who helps teams self-organize, self-manage, and execute the plan they developed in PI Planning, participants discover how to build high performing teams to maximize productivity and business value.
Leading SAFe
For those who want to learn principles of Lean and product development flow and how to adapt Scaled Agile Framework to specific projects at their organizations.
SAFe DevOps
For any participant of SAFe, the DevOps mindset is needed to define, build, test, deploy, and release software-driven systems - not just for engineers operating a CI/CD pipeline. Attendees will learn why DevOps is important to every role and design a continuous delivery pipeline that is tailored to their business.
This type of SAFe certification is ideal for any participant of SAFe who wants to understand the role of the person who helps define and organize stories in the Team Backlog, such that work effectively addresses program priorities. Product Owner are usually arbiters of quality requirements and the only authority to approve a task as “done.”
Management 3.0 Foundation Course
For the Team Lead, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Owner or CEO who wants to learn how agile principles affect innovations in management and can make their company better.

Management 3.0 is a way of looking at work systems to unite project managers, mid-level managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs to bring about solutions for better, more effective leadership within organizations. This course uses gaming practices to encourage feedback and collaboration. It is designed to inspire participants and provide them with practical tools for working together to build a new management system. This 2-day course combines theory and practice, so participants can share using gamification, simulation exercises and meaningful group discussions.

What is Agile Training?

Most often, it begins with Agile Fundamentals (or Scrum Basics), the gateway to the world of Agile. In broad terms, this covers: 

  • History of the Agile movement
  • Agile principles
  • Key concepts such as adaptive planning, value-driven development
  • What it means to achieve organizational agility 
  • Scrum and Kanban 

Course participants learn the value of collaboration, frequent feedback, and the relevance of inspect and adapt. 

Most of the SAFe training courses are 2-days of activities and training, at the end of which one often proceeds with exams to obtain one of agile certifications. The deeper one’s experience with Agile, the more one begins to feel the overall agility throughout the company that comes with growing expertise. Agile training and Scaled Agile certification can be pursued at different levels of expertise. 

Scaled Agile Certification and Training are a deep specialty of Symphony Solutions, who has trained and/or certified over 1,000 people.  These trainings are available with or without certification. 

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