Agile Transformation Grows Revenue

Agile Transformation Grows Revenue

Industry: iGaming
Double digit growth
Client opened a new office in Barcelona
Client grew from 40-60 engineers in 3 months
Services used
Agile Transformation
Technologies used


The company is a leading performance marketing company that has grown quickly in recent years. Symphony Solutions’ expertise in this domain derives from experience with other clients in the online betting and gambling industry. 

They have watched first-hand the increased popularity of this market: CAGR of 11.4% 

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BleXr is a Performance Marketing or Affiliate Marketing Company that generates leads for operators in the Forex and iGaming industries. 


When BleXr wanted a more efficient operating approach to improve time to market, employee engagement and increased sustainable value, they considered Agile Transformation. Blexr was familiar with the benefits of Lean Agile and needed expert consultants to work with their inside teams. It was then that they contacted Symphony Solutions.

Another challenge they faced was lack of breadth of talent to accommodate the range of roles needed for fast growing Agile teams.

In Summary:

  1. They needed to implement scaled Agile framework (SAFe).
  2. They needed Extended Teams at Symphony Solutions to fill talent gaps.
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Embrace Agile to Revolutionize
Your Business Performance.


Assessment and Implementation of Agile process

Symphony Solutions assessed the situation, trained the teams in Scaled Agile Framework, and coached implementation starting with their first PI (Program Increment) Planning session.

A central idea of Agile is to identify problems early and adjust quickly, in order to increase quality and speed of delivery. After each sprint, part of the product is released to market to enable quick learning about what works and what still needs refinement.

Gaps in Engineering Talent

An agile team typically has a Scrum Master, several developers, and other roles depending on the nature of the project.  BleXr lacked specialists in some of the key roles and needed qualified alignment as quickly as possible.  Symphony Solutions covered these gaps by setting up extended teams to integrate with the client talent.

Symphony Solutions’ involvement facilitated the transition, boosted morale, and improved productivity. Their transparency, dedication, and expertise set them apart from other vendors. 


Eduardo Remedios


  • As a result of efficient execution of our Agile transformation services, since the 1st PI period, the client had 6 successful Agile quarterly planning sessions.
  • After the 1st PI period, they experienced double-digit revenue growth.
  • BleXr opened an office in Barcelona.
  • They grew from 40 – 60 engineers in 3 months.
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Accelerate Revenue Growth
through Agile Transformation.

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