Omnichannel Orchestration

Omnichannel Orchestration

We help you improve business models and re-imagine your products to create new value. We do this by connecting people with things - products, insights and experiences, both offline and online – indeed across all channels - hence the term ‘omni-channel’.


Provides personalized recommendations in 300ms end to end


Projected compute cost reduction by 50%.

Symphony Solutions is a top service provider in the software development and business process outsourcing market with over ten years in the industry, always standing at the forefront of innovation in technology and business solutions. With the implementation of omnichannel solutions, we can reimagine the core business model and create new value with the end customer as the centerpoint of the strategic business solutions.

The services we provide are aimed at bringing the digital and non-digital world to one integrated omnichannel that provides a seamless, high-quality experience that requires little effort from the user and drives customer engagement.

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Omnichannel Solutions and Ecosystem

It’s important to note that an omnichannel approach is very different from simply interlinking multiple channels. Multichannel may be one step closer in the right direction, but it keeps the channels of communication isolated with no real connection between them.

Businesses are swiftly shifting their mindset from a product to a user-centric approach. Here’s where an Omnichannel approach comes into play as it puts customer experience as the key focus in the company’s digital transformation.

Multiple channels aligned in a streamlined manner enable seamless customer interaction with the product and company itself. Customers engage with the company and have certain expectations when it comes to products and services, company policy and practices. They want to see consistency in the message that the company is putting across its platforms.

Symphony Solutions has gained valuable insight and expertise in this domain, having collaborated with some of the top names in the gaming industry to deliver highly-engaging user platforms integrated across Mobile, Desktop and Tablet, as well as Native Android and iOS. The omnichannel solutions that we have developed for our clients have a proven record of delivering a smooth and consistent customer journey that increases user retention and creates a loyal and engaged customer.

Symphony Solutions places the end customer at the center of the omnichannel model, aiming all efforts at catering to their needs and meeting expectations. The omnichannel ecosystem comprises Digital Strategy Solutions, Technology Solutions and AI-driven Hyper-personalization.

Omnichannel Strategy Solutions

Every customer’s digital transformation starts with defining Digital Strategy Solutions. It’s a multi-level ongoing process that calls upon the efforts of the Service Design and Digital Marketing teams. Marketing orchestration and service design focus on analysing and optimizing cross-channel user interactions and delivering individualized customer experience, helping build a strong and on-going customer relationship.

Omnichannel Strategy Solutions

Symphony Solutions omnichannel marketing services go beyond simply linking customer journey touchpoints. The Digital Marketing Team makes sure all the channels work together to create a comprehensive brand identity and content strategy with a distinct voice that sends a unified message and improves attraction to the business.

We offer full marketing orchestration for your business, including market research and competitor analysis, SEM and SEO, content marketing, SMM and advertising, branding services and more.

Our experts combine analytics and customer knowledge to help you continuously improve your digital marketing, by focusing on the right technical moments and creating tailored content in alignment with the brand identity and strategic objectives.

Omnichannel Marketing

Service design takes your business to the next level by studying customer behavior and interactions, optimizing customer journey maps and centering resources, products and processes around the customer experience. Aimed at optimizing the omnichannel customer journey, it aligns the services, infrastructure and communication across all channels, both offline and online, creating a high-quality omnichannel experience.


Service Design

IT software and systems are the very backbone of your business so keeping up with the trends and staying on top of the innovations can help unlock value and accelerate growth. Omnichannel software solutions can become the catalyst for your business by creating a highly engaged and appealing customer environment with faster app development, moving legacy apps to the cloud, and increasing levels of security.

Omnichannel Software Development

One of the unique points of our omnichannel solutions is that we offer the implementation of sophisticated AI-driven hyper-personalization and recommendation products. Developed to deliver the customer highly personalized and relevant content, the products provide an engaging and interactive environment, creating a loyal customer and increasing retention and revenue. Personalization is a key factor in building a trusting and close relationship with the customers who have set expectations of the products and brand that need to be met and exceeded if the company wants to remain a competitive player in the industry.

The introduction of AI solutions alone has already proven to be a major factor in financial growth, particularly in the iGaming industry with a whopping 1000% ROI, 70% uplift from cross sell turnover and NGR, and 50% increases in conversion.

AI-Driven Personalization
AI-Driven Personalization
AI-Driven Personalization
AI-Driven Personalization
AI-Driven Personalization
AI-Driven Personalization
They’re highly competent. They have passion around engineering and their management team. They’ve delivered work for us under extremely difficult circumstances.
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Their desire to go the extra mile is a rare quality in third-party relationships.
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Smart Product Recommendations and Personalisation with AI
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Smart Product Recommendations and Personalisation with AI
60% Less Steps, Improves Conversion Rate
60% Less Steps, Improves Conversion Rate