White Paper: How service design can help bring offline users online in iGaming

White Paper: How service design can help bring offline users online in iGaming

Global business environment is changing faster than you can pronounce ‘digital transformation’. And in this climate, iGaming industry is no exception. But with all that’s going on today and how only four months into 2020 we are already shown the unpredictability of our world, business can’t afford to take its online channels for granted or be pushed to transform in the face of a new reality.  

The main driver should come from within and be a part of the company’s mindset. This way iGaming operators won’t be caught off-guard and can stand a chance of being on the industry frontiers rather than lagging behind.  

Along with the mindset, second important prerequisite is how the online offering aligns with offline services iGaming operators are providing. The acquisition of the new digital channels should not be deemed as a separate venture and created in a siloed environment. For this purpose, the best approach for iGaming industry would be creating omnichannel experience for their customers.  

To achieve this, business needs to ask itself very important questions – what can we do to make the online onboarding experience less stressful? Or is there anything for the already digital users to make their experience better? 

To answer these questions together with Symphony’s VP of iGaming services, Eduardo A dos Remedios and Symphony Design Office, we’ve created a white paper.   

This white paper serves to highlight some of the challenges, and most importantly, the opportunities that exist in adopting a Service Design approach in iGaming.  It will start with an intro to the iGaming industry, how the process of digital transformation has shifted the landscape and why service design is the right approach to create consistent omnichannel business.  

It consists of three chapters and a case study, covering the current state of digital transformation in iGaming, why experience design is not enough for aligning the online experience of customers with what is already offered offline and how service design can reinforce your business’s omnichannel strategy.  

To show the value of service design in iGaming, Symphony Solutions Design Office team has conducted a field research in a number of London betting shops, gathered the data and designed a solution using service design. The results of their work are be presented in the last chapter, the case study.