AI-driven content personalization

AI-driven content personalization

Interact with your customers on a more personal level by leveraging AI-driven recommendations to deliver engaging, relevant content to your customers through multiple channels.

First impressions matter more than you might think. According to Accenture’s research, 91 % of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations.

In today’s highly competitive day and age your clients are bombarded with offers across multiple channels, if you don’t succeed in grabbing their attention and offering exactly what they need, they will look elsewhere and get it from your competitors. Content recommendations and personalization means communicating with your clients on a more personal level that shows that their interests are being taken into consideration.

Content personalization in iGaming

AI personalization is possible via integration through an API allowing you to deliver highly personalized experiences to your customers. The solution that we offer in partnership with is an AI-driven real-time personalization & recommendation engine built especially for the betting and gaming industry. It includes the following offerings:  

AI content personalisation for iGaming


  • Real-time pre-event and in-play bet recommendations. 
  • Multi-vertical casino, slots, games and bingo recommendations.


  • Identify trending events, markets and selections in sports and gaming. 

Intelligent Layouts 

  • Deliver a completely personalized experience across the full sports and gaming site.  
  • Prioritize events, navigation, menus and icons, unique to each user. 


  • Rule and trigger-based push, email and SMS. 

A typical integration scenario 

Clickstream – Back End – CMS – Data Warehouse 

how content personalization works

Typical Integration Timeline 

AI content personalization platform integration

CLIENTS using solutions

Ladbrockes Coral Group

Content personalization solutions for:

Casino Lobbies

By delivering a user-specific version of your home page, you make your customers’ life easier and help them find games they love or would like to play. This also results in much clearer navigation, better UX and ultimately, higher user retention.

Sports Betting

Bring Netflix-style personalization to your bettors and automatically tailor every element of your offering according to your client’s individual preferences with bespoke navigation and menus, sport and game categories, promotions, banners and new game launches.

Benefits of content personalization for your enterprise

Personalise across every product in sports and gaming
Scales to 1m+actives/ month / brand
Time to value
>Personalisation algorithms out of box
Fast forward roadmap by 18 months
Integration fully managed by Graphyte
Ultra-responsive to our operators ideas
Fast release of new features
Partnership at core of operating model
No PII Required
ICO Registered Processor
Data encrypted at rest and in transport
Flexible front and back end options
Leverage pre-existing integrations
Inherently multi-brand
Cross brand tracking and cross-brand cross sell
Simple user interface that you control
No dependency on services
Custom data upload via front-end
or programmatically
100% built for betting and gaming
Understand unique data challenges
inherent in the industry
Ultra low-latency <70ms average
response time
Deploy across any channel

How we deliver

Case study

Smart Product Recommendations and Personalisation with AI
iGaming MarTech
Smart Product Recommendations and Personalisation with AI
60% Less Steps, Improves Conversion Rate
60% Less Steps, Improves Conversion Rate
Agile Transformation Improves Speed to Market
Agile Transformation Improves Speed to Market
Agile Transformation Grows Revenue
Agile Transformation Grows Revenue