Smart product recommendations and personalisation with AI


  • AI-driven content personalization
  • iGaming Solutions


Symphony Solutions has had a productive collaboration with Graphyte since 2018, having helped them launch new services onto the market bringing together AI and iGaming.

Introducing AI into iGaming helps create products and services that revolutionize the in-game experience of the bettor. Innovative approaches from outside of iGaming have found their way into the industry and are showing remarkable results in driving forth the transformation in quality, not to mention revenue and profit.


Graphyte is a start-up SaaS company based in the UK that has established itself as a prominent and innovative service provider in the iGaming industry. Graphyte is integrating AI solutions in providing personalisation services to large betting and gambling operators.

Graphyte has collaborated with Symphony Solutions to create their main product ‘Graphyte Recommend’. The innovative platform is the only one to provide ultra-personalised recommendations for the iGaming industry.

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Graphyte was approached by a betting operator, that found itself in a declining sector, that despite its efforts was struggling to retain customers and growth was slowing. In-game bonuses and rewards have been offered across the industry on such a wide scale that it’s no longer seen as perk by bettors, but rather something to be expected and offered by default. In order to stand out and get to the forefront of the competition, the client decided to revolutionize the customer experience by introducing personalisation.

content personalisation in igaming


Graphyte has already given the iGaming industry its one-of-a-kind service Graphyte Recommend. This service alongside the recently launched Intelligent Layouts was the perfect combination for the client’s particular needs. Intelligent Layouts allow operators to tailor the content to their clients’ preferences, including all of the navigation, banners and promotions.  

Recommended & Intelligent Layouts were deployed utilizing a front-end API to take in data in real-time and deliver fully-personalised content across the site, creating a smart lobby, customized to each individual player’s preferences.  

Introducing new personalised solution allows each player to operate in a 100% custom-generated lobby with full gaming inventory including: themes, the order of the game categories, the game selection within each category, recommendations and promotions. 

Introducing AI content personalization solutions helped to analyze player preferences and to determine target audiences for new game launches. This allowed the delivery of new games precisely to the players – ones that were most likely to be interested – thereby improving the user experience and reducing the risk of running a launch campaign for a new game just to have it turn out a flop. 



  • The client is showing substantial growth in the sector. 
  • Increase NGR from games recommendations with £11 per player uplift from cross-sell. 
  • Cross-sell players from Bingo into Slots play. 
  • A smart lobby is delivered personalized to each user.
  • Topline turnover increased by 7%. 
  • New game engagement consistently increased by +26%.