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Digital transformation in healthcare: how cloud computing helps tackle urgent social needs
Cloud Services Healthcare

Digital transformation in healthcare: how cloud computing helps tackle urgent social needs

In brief: 

  • Patients, their health needs and goals are at the center of healthcare today. 
  • Three main technologies that are turning around healthcare, making it human-centric, and bringing patients and doctors closer are: cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual care delivery. 
  • The application of cloud computing in healthcare can help cut down costs, reduce the time spent on development, or offer organizations much-needed flexibility, scalability, and empower collaboration between healthcare researchers. 
  • Cloud computing has shown to be effective tool in the face of urgent social needs such as helping with the development of Covid-19 vaccines or elevating the quality of healthcare by moving it online.  

The Healthcare industry has experienced an immense amount of pressure from the Covid-19. In a relatively short period that the pandemic has been raging it has forced the industry to change in various ways, rethink what’s important, or better say who – a patient.  But for better or worse, it has turned out to be the driver of much-needed change for healthcare. 

Digital transformation tends to be a sore topic not only for healthcare but for businesses across all industries. Though companies and their executives generally acknowledge the need to adapt to the digital age, only a few truly understand what it entails.  

Becoming a digital business is not only about picking the latest and trendiest technology, it’s a complex process that also requires a structural and cultural shift.  

But getting to the root of the question requires time, that’s why digitalization was considered nice to have but generally put somewhere at the bottom of a to-do list. A powerful force that is driving healthcare digital transformation today is cloud computing. 

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In this white paper we will discuss the state of healthcare today, the main problems digital transformation is trying to solve, and what stands in the way. And will cover how cloud computing is helping in the face of urgent social needs by facilitating the development of vaccines or helping elevate healthcare by moving it online.   

And as a final example, we talk about our own success story – how with the help of the AWS cloud platform we were able to deliver a Covid-19 testing platform in the record 2 weeks. 

Download the paper to get the full story and a free strategy consultation with our cloud experts to discuss the next steps on your cloud transformation journey.