AI-Driven Assistant Transforms Betting & Casino Experience 

AI-Driven Assistant Transforms Betting & Casino Experience 

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Leveraging ChatGPT-4 in cooperation with other iGaming service providers, Symphony Solutions’ latest offering, provides customers with fast, personalized assistance, enabling effortless navigation of services, account questions and betting options and reducing abandoned purchases. For operators, it enhances customer acquisition engagement and retention, increases betting rates, and offers a cost-effective solution for scaling customer support, ensuring seamless and satisfying interactions for every user. 



Symphony Solutions’ innovative product was born out of a keen understanding of the evolving landscape of sports betting and the growing demand for personalized user experiences. Designed as a product-as-a-service, the product offers a unique proposition to sports enthusiasts. At its core is a cutting-edge AI assistant that seamlessly accepts sports bets while providing comprehensive support, all within the confines of an interactive dialogue.

Powered by sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, which harness the incredible capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT models, it goes beyond mere transactional exchanges. It actively engages with users, understanding their requests, and even proactively suggesting new betting opportunities. 


The sports betting landscape can often seem a maze of similar websites, each featuring complex hierarchies of betting opportunities and offering a user experience that could be intimidating and hard to navigate. Identifying the need for a revolution in user engagement that would transform this landscape, Symphony Solutions leveraged artificial intelligence to build an assistant that would address the main pain points of both customers and operators. 


Symphony Solutions adopted a multi-faceted approach to bring the product to life. 

The goal was to go beyond creating a typical chatbot limited to simple question responses. Instead, the focus was on crafting a betting copilot, a fully-fledged assistant adept at understanding the user’s needs and intentions, capable of smoothly transitioning between topics and accessing up-to-date, real-time data. This is facilitated through interactive dialogues, where the assistant not only responds but also asks clarifying questions or methodically guides users through data, leading them to a point where they feel confident to make a bet. The solution extends past merely querying data; it encompasses the functionality to carry out actions on behalf of the user and confirm them, courtesy of an integrated betting API. 

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Here is how the process works: 

When a user inputs a request, it is passed to OpenAI for pre-processing. Utilizing a technique known as “prompting,” key phrases and words are extracted from the request and sent to the semantic search engine with vector database. The API’s response is then transformed and sent back to OpenAI, which generates a summary. This summary is relayed back to the user via the ChatGPT alike interface. 

If the response is ambiguous or unavailable, OpenAI GPT model formulates specific clarifying questions to gather more information from the user, ensuring the accuracy of understanding. 


What was done: 

The Symphony team effectively employed AI solutions development, executing a detailed process that encompassed several distinct stages: 

  • Defining Requirements: The project initiated with a comprehensive analysis of requirements and key interaction points, ensuring precise alignment with user needs. 
  • Solution Design: An innovative solution was meticulously designed, with a focus on user experience, seamless navigation, and efficient data processing. 
  • Infrastructure Setup: The team set up a robust infrastructure to support the assistant’s operations, ensuring reliability and scalability. 
  • Prompt-Based AI Prototyping: Leveraging Prompt-based AI, the team swiftly created prototypes, enabling rapid testing and refining of the assistant’s capabilities. 
  • OpenAI Integration: Integration with OpenAI’s GPT models through Chain of Thought and Prompt Chaining techniques was implemented, enhancing the assistant’s natural language processing abilities. 
  • Semantic Search Engine: A streamlined process was devised, involving pre-processing of user requests, extraction of essential phrases, and their transmission to a semantic search engine equipped with a vector database. 
  • Summarization Integration: OpenAI’s GPT model was seamlessly integrated to generate summaries, ensuring a nuanced understanding of user requests and providing informative responses. 

“We believe that the work of our team has resulted in a game-changing experience for iGaming users. The interactive and engaging interface is just the beginning. We’re looking forward to further advancements.

Oleg Chekan
AI Director 



The integration of Symphony Solutions’ innovative AI technology has set a new standard in the sports betting industry, delivering an enhanced user experience and streamlining operational efficiency. Once integrated with operator sportsbook website, the solution is capable of: 

  • Driving user engagement thanks to the interactive and intuitive interface. 
  • Expanding the audience by helping new users with no previous experience.  
  • Improving the conversion rate for new users as the betting process became more straightforward. 
  • Decreasing support and helpdesk operational costs due to automation of common tasks. 
  • Growing revenue from alternative betting markets as the AI assistant introduces users to new opportunities. 

In building this product Symphony Solutions showcased its expertise in harnessing the latest advancements in AI development and applying them to the iGaming business. The solution’s success stands as a testament to Symphony Solutions’ ability to deliver transformative ideas in the iGaming industry. 

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