Cutting Integration Time by 50% with Our Innovative Solution 

Cutting Integration Time by 50% with Our Innovative Solution 

Industry: iGaming
Location: USA
Client since: 2022
Integration time cut by 50%
Improved market responsiveness
Enhanced operational efficiency
Services used
Integration Services
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In the online gambling world two key players who drive the industry are gaming providers and operators. Gaming providers offer engaging games and content that captivate users, while operators, such as online casinos, seek to offer these games to their audience. However, a significant challenge often arises: operators frequently lack the technical capacity to integrate these games seamlessly into their platforms and on the provider side, they are often blocked in completing a sale by this lack of capacity on the Operator side. 

This is where Symphony Solutions steps in. Recognizing the need for efficient and effective integration, we provide a robust solution that not only addresses this technical gap but also significantly accelerates the integration process. Our approach ensures that operators can quickly add new games to their platforms, reducing the time to market by 50%.  


Caesars Entertainment is the largest casino-entertainment company in the US. It has grown into one of the world’s most diversified casino-entertainment providers, offering a full suite of mobile and online gaming and sports betting experiences. The client promotes a collaborative culture emphasizing accountability, passion, and idea sharing. It strives to establish a foundation for innovation and continuous improvement in the casino entertainment industry. 


Our client, a leader in the iGaming industry, faced a significant business challenge due to the high volume of integration requests from other companies looking to connect their online games with the client’s wallet implementation. Despite having comprehensive documentation for their online services, APIs, and functionality descriptions, both parties were blocked in terms of having people available who could overcome the complexities of making similar yet incompatible services communicate efficiently and performantly. 

The primary challenge was to facilitate seamless integration between these services, ensuring that they operated with high efficiency and reliability. The client needed a robust solution that could address these integration issues, reduce the effort required for implementation, and ensure that the communication between services was both performant and scalable. 

The project involved several critical tasks: 

  • Creating a modern Java SpringBoot application using the OpenAPI Contract-First Generator. 
  • Ensuring high test coverage to maintain reliability and performance. 
  • Developing a separate project for end-to-end tests, covering all possible scenarios. 
  • Designing the solution to be highly extensible with externalized settings and configurations. 
  • Deploying the application using Docker and Kubernetes for scalability and flexibility. 
  • Providing detailed documentation that included descriptions of all properties and examples of various types of invocations for every API service. 


Symphony Solutions tackled these challenges by implementing a solution based on industry-standard and modern technologies and frameworks. One key approach was the “Contract-First API development,” which provided both parties with a clear overview of the actual implementation rules, ensuring that the integration process was streamlined and transparent. 

For the integration of Caesars with third parties, Symphony Solutions leveraged OpenAPI (also known as Swagger), which is a contract-driven API design based on a single openapi.yaml file. This file, which was accessible as an HTML page, served as the source of truth for endpoints and data models. This page functioned not only as official documentation but also as a manual testing tool, allowing users to execute endpoints directly. 

The project was developed using the latest Java technologies, optimized for dockerization, load-balancing, and easy configuration, embodying the best practices of a Java SpringBoot application. This setup ensured scalability, performance, and ease of maintenance. 

Creating similar integrations for Caesars and other parties has now been streamlined due to the reusable nature of the existing solution. The existing calls and data models for Caesars required minimal changes or updates, making it faster to implement new integrations. The main task involved replacing or renaming endpoints and communication messages or DTOs (data transfer objects). With a proven project template, communication, mapping, and unit-testing already in place, the process was significantly expedited and allows for a reduction in time for future integrations. 

Moreover, Symphony Solutions utilized Java Cucumber or the Karate framework, to provide end-to-end testing. This testing framework ensured that all integration scenarios were thoroughly validated, and is documents how it should interact with the solution.  

As a result, once the business logic issues between the two parties was resolved, the development process was straightforward and efficient. Starting from a working template, rather than from scratch, it allowed Symphony Solutions to deliver a high-quality, reliable integration solution swiftly and effectively

Cut Integration Time by 50%


The solution implemented by Symphony Solutions streamline the integration process for Caesars and their third-party partners by 50% and thus going forward this solution will be the approach taken, a win for Caesars and a win for the Games Providers! 

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