Ensuring Top Operating Performance with Third-Party Integrations

Ensuring Top Operating Performance with Third-Party Integrations

Industry: iGaming
Location: USA
Client since: 2022
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Integrating data or content in iGaming helps enhance the user experience and overall satisfaction of bettors. When bettors can have all the top content on one iGaming platform, they are more entertained and engaged in the game. Integrating data across multiple applications can be compelling, especially if you aim to maintain a seamless user experience. To ensure stability, reliability, and consistency, performance testing services come into play. Performance testing aids in understanding system behavior and ensures an exceptional customer experience even during peak workload, validating the stability and predictability of an IT solution. 


Caesars Entertainment is the largest casino-entertainment company in the US. It that has grown into one of the world’s most diversified casino-entertainment providers, offering a full suite of mobile and online gaming and sports betting experiences. The client promotes a collaborative culture emphasizing accountability, passion, and idea sharing. It strives to establish a foundation for innovation and continuous improvement in the casino entertainment industry. 


The client has a backlog of tasks for integration of third-party game providers. They had an existing transaction handling platform and required an adapter to streamline the data flow. They were looking for an experienced team that could review the third-party API documents and create the adapter to ensure efficient and timely integration with the best quality.   


It was crucial that the integration team could operate with a high level of autonomy, enabling client’s internal teams to focus on completing large complex internal projects. 


Symphony Solutions team involved in the project consisted of two Java Developers, a manual QA Engineer, a Service Delivery Manager, a Business Analyst, AQA, and a DevOps specialist.  

The development team created a lightweight application designed to be highly flexible and configurable, completing the following scope of work: 

  • The application was built using Java/JDK 17 as a Spring Boot application, which converts gaming messages related to balance, wager, and cancel into those of the “Caesars wallet” service. 
  • The response or exception messages are adapted and sent back to the caller or game application. 
  • The project has comprehensive unit-test coverage. 
  • An independent end-to-end project using the Java Cucumber testing framework was developed to cover all relevant business logic scenarios. 
  • The application was designed with comprehensive configuration settings to fulfil specific complex customer requests. 
  • The application contains a simple, yet standard logging mechanism designed for easy replaying of a set of messages. 

Symphony Solutions team provided Performance Testing as a service using the following tools and approaches: 

  • The Grafana K6 tool was utilized for the solution, which was already in use by the customer’s team. 
  • A performance testing plan was created, covering all possible integration scenarios. 
  • Test scenarios were scripted with different load profiles, including capacity tests, load tests, and soak tests. 
  • Test results were collected in a monitoring environment and analyzed using Grafana dashboards. 
  • A report was generated and communicated to the customer.  

The performance test was scripted to align with the client’s product business logic, encompassing all possible combinations in the load scenario. 


The DevOps team assisted with VPN setup and GitLab configuration, establishing automatic pipelines for deployment, which was essential for effective work, testing, and deployment. The Symphony Solutions team continues to address an issue with the static/dynamic IP address in the environment. 

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Deployment of the application on customer’s environment has proved its high quality and efficient operation under all expected and unexpected conditions. 

  • Integration application works stable under low and high loads, without failing even when network connection is slow or interrupting 
  • Memory and CPU consumption are stable and minimal 
  • The application is very lightweight with few dependencies and low requirements to system resources. It is optimized for fast responses in run-time. Its configuration is externalized, allowing easy setup of all necessary settings, credentials and logging levels 

Although the application has not yet been deployed at the customer site/infrastructure, the client has approved the general development approach and important implementation details. Symphony Solutions team has received positive feedback from the client, expressing their satisfaction with the solution delivered and confirming that their expectations have been fully met. 

Symphony Solutions’ team provided Performance Testing services to ensure the seamless integration of third-party game providers into the client’s application, maintaining high quality and optimization for all possible run-time scenarios.