Designing PWA App for Mental Health Services

Designing PWA App for Mental Health Services

Industry: Healthcare
Client since: 2020
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Application Development Experience Design
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Since the start of the global pandemic, research has shown a disturbing number of people concerned about their deteriorating mental state due to the lockdown restrictions and rising health anxiety. Pokojowo took up a mission to address these concerns and build a digital platform that would provide information on mental health and easy access to psychological support via text chat.



Pokojowo was founded as a small startup by Seth McMillian and Beata Kolodziejczyk in May 2020 in Krakow, Poland. It’s a mental health practice that gives access to relevant information and affordable mental health services to their users. The users of the platform can request a psychological consultation with a mental health professional via text chat in a quick and easy way and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional therapy session.


Symphony Solutions had one month to design a Progressive Web Application (PWA) for desktop and mobile adaptive devices. Being a start-up, Pokojowo wanted to get the app developed in the shortest time possible all the while working on a sensitive product having to do with mental health. 


Symphony Solutions Design Team started with client meetings aimed at identifying and fleshing out the client’s vision of the application. They drew up wireframes of the future product.

The next step was to understand how the product was supposed to work, what features were required, and define the user flows.


Once the Design Team got an idea of what was required, it was decided to go with three interactive prototypes with alternative presentations of the app features, mainly the Home screen. So, bearing roughly the same features, the prototypes would introduce different user experiences, shifting their focus between being more informative, interactive, or social. 


The prototypes underwent user testing involving potential users who provided feedback on the app features and functionalities. Bearing in mind user feedback, the team: 

  • Shifted the focus to the features that were the most important for the user.
  • Improved app features and functionality to better reflect user needs.
  • Identified features that were redundant or of no value.
  • Made the app more user-friendly, improved user experience.


As a result of close collaboration with Symphony Solutions, the Pokojowo app was designed and prototyped. Within our custom healthcare design and development services the Design Team: 

  • Created a Progressive Web Application (PWA) for desktop and mobile adaptive devices.
  • Created the promo website to present the app features and benefits.
  • Completed a small discovery phase, with instant user feedback. 

The client proceeded with the development stage and launched the website in January and the PWA app in February 2021.