Leveraging Serverless Capabilities to Build a Mental Health Application

Leveraging Serverless Capabilities to Build a Mental Health Application

Industry: Healthcare
Client since: 2020
Services used
Application Development Cloud & DevOps Experience Design
Technologies used


Pokojowo was a small start-up founded by Seth McMillan and Beata Kolodziejczyk in May 2020 in Krakow, Poland. Their idea was to make mental health treatment easily accessible and affordable by building a digital platform, something both comfortable and important in the Covid era.



Pokojowo is a Poland-based mental health practice focused on expanding access, affordability, and user experience for their patients. They launched a new digital platform to revolutionize mental health treatment by quickly addressing mental health problems through text chats and online sessions to engage their clients and reach successful outcomes in a whole new way.

The platform also offers suggested content along with the latest global news in mental health – all within the application. With Pokojowo, clients no longer need to make an appointment to communicate with a qualified psychologist – just start a text message within the application at a fraction of the cost of a traditional session.


When the clients approached Symphony Solutions, they only had high-level application features description but did not have any technical expertise to develop a full-scale solution. As the start-up participated in a pre-accelerator program, timeline for presenting the ready-to-use product was aggressive, and technical challenges required a champion team of full stack developers. 


Based on the client’s requirements, as part of our cloud native development services Symphony Solutions provided a unique solution that used as a basis AWS serverless approach.  

AWS has a full set of instruments to make a scalable and secure application. It allowed to develop a product rapidly, which was especially critical for Pokojowo. Being a start-up, optimizing infrastructure expenses was one of the client’s priorities. And with pay-as-you-go, they would be able to understand clearly how much is spent. As a healthcare product, the solution had to make the security of their patients’ data a priority.  

The complete spectrum of experience design services, cloud-native and application development services provided for the client includes: 

  • Designed application interface and user flows 
  • Conducted user interviews to validate their UX expectations 
  • Conducted thorough analysis of the application features and converted them into detailed requirements 
  • Built serverless product architecture based on AWS Lambda 
  • Designed and built secure cloud infrastructure 
  • Developed all backend and UI features 
  • Integrated payment system, Mollie 
  • Developed a custom secure digital chat for communication between patients and therapists 
  • Designed and developed a marketing website 
  • Pushed ready product and website to production 

From the technological standpoint, solution has a CloudFront Content delivery network, scalable backend based on AWS Lambda, Cognito as a secure user pool, DynamoDB as NoSQL key-value storage service, and set of other services. All of these have been implemented in Infrastructure-as-a-code paradigm with deployment automation using AWS CloudFormation templates. It allowed to track all the infrastructure changes during solution evolution, replicate environments for the development and testing purposes and later on to deploy the solution consistently across multiple regions. 

Symphony Solutions continues to manage Cloud infrastructure for the Client as part of Managed Services and handles DB backups and production updates with new features. 



Symphony Solutions provided Pokojowo with a full set of professional services to create a product in a cost efficient, secure and scalable way. In close cooperation with the client, we’ve delivered a solution within 2 months, helping them keep the focus on business and marketing aspects and taking care of all technical details instead.

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