Rapid Scaling in New Market

Rapid Scaling in New Market

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This client is the most diverse supplier of digital gaming and sports betting technology in the U.K. Part of an American corporation which provides gambling products and services to lottery and gambling organizations across the globe, they continue to expand.


When the client came to Symphony Solutions in December of 2017, they needed quick ramp-up to avoid loss of momentum, as user demand for new mobile gaming applications continues to increase. Additionally, the client requested a new delivery center in closer proximity to their office. Symphony Solutions needed to:

  • Open a new market.
  • Create a market presence.
  • Attract senior-level talent as quickly as possible.


Symphony Solutions quickly opened a new office in the desired location, hired local specialists in major roles such as Branch Manager, recruiters, public relations, and began to create a presence in this market:

  • Exhibited at large technical conferences.
  • Hosted meet-ups, hack-a-thons, Agile trainings as a part of our Agile consulting and coaching services.
  • Spoke at relevant tech events.
  • Engaged a premier local career and industry resource for talent attraction.

Next, Symphony Solutions began to learn as much as possible about this market to aid recruiting efforts. As such, lifestyle and attitudinal research was conducted among engineers to understand motivation, benefit expectations, and lifestyle dynamics.


To achieve level of talent needed:

2,471 pre-qualified candidates were personally interviewed.
511 of those were client interviewed.
80 people were ultimately hired.

This means that of nearly 2,500 personal interviews, 3% met scrutiny to be hired.
In less than 1 year, Symphony Solutions:

  • Opened a new office in a new market.
  • Hired people in leading positions.
  • Created a public presence in this market.
  • Increased aided awareness from 36% to 50%.
  • Hired and aligned 80 people.
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