Digital Marketing Audit for Bookie and Agent Software Provider 

Digital Marketing Audit for Bookie and Agent Software Provider 

Industry: iGaming
Client since: 2021
Adjusted marketing strategy
Improved sales process
Actionable insights provided by the audit
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Digital marketing
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Digital marketing audit services focus on unlocking marketing relevance and performance at scale by adapting to the rapidly changing needs of customers. By continual transformation and by unlocking efficiencies and investing in what matters most we can help our clients accelerate growth through change.   


Our client is an industry-leading software solutions provider offering a comprehensive suite of services for bookies and agents. Their products include sportsbook software, casino software, and back-office solutions for efficient agent payment and user management. With live dealers and a wide range of wagering options, they provide a feature-rich platform at a competitive price. The extensive range of services offered sets them apart as a top choice in the market. 

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Our client has a well-established brand and high brand visibility. To improve their marketing and sales efforts in a very strong and competitive environment and apply new practices to maximize impact, they requested comprehensive digital marketing audit services as well as marketing analysis services on the state of the changing market and competitors.  

Our client has a very extensive data warehouse, however certain data specifically related to marketing and those tracked via Google Analytics had to be set up differently to extract maximum value from it. 


Key focus areas that were tackled for the client include:  

  • Digital Marketing Audit  
  • Paid Campaign Consultancy  
  • Marketing consultancy on ICP and Value Proposition: research & value definition  
  • Content Strategy  

Symphony Solutions’ marketing team ran a thorough marketing analysis of the main competitors on the market, as well as reviewed the changing market. In addition, the team carried out an analysis of the client’s digital marketing gaps.   

The primary goal was to understand competitors’ positioning and strategies to figure out the best way to build upon the client’s strategy.  

Our marketing audit services included a comprehensive analysis, summary, and recommendations for improvements based on competitors’ analysis, market changes, and new digital marketing trends of the following:  

  • Organic traffic  
  • Content strategy   
  • Link building   
  • Referral channels  
  • Technical aspects and SEO issues  
  • Paid Ads   
  • Overall digital marketing strategy  

For the ICP consultancy, the Symphony team helped the client to conduct buyer persona segmentation and defined relevant value propositions and sales and marketing recommendations on its applications to create unique messaging based on the buyer persona.   

For the PPC consultancy work, we reviewed their existing running campaigns and provided specific recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of their campaigns. 

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Based on the overall analysis and applying the recommendations suggested by Symphony Solutions marketing team, the client:  

  • Adjusted their marketing strategy to make it more effective while spending less money – this especially relates to Paid ads and Content marketing.  
  • As a result, the client has started attracting more relevant leads in a very short time via updated PPC campaigns  
  • Improved the sales process, as developing the ICP allowed the client’s sales team to identify the persona type and highlight specific platform benefits, bringing relevance to prospective customers and converting more of the ´right´ types of prospects.  
  • In addition, as a result of the initial audit and the findings that were uncovered, additional work has been prioritized, a direct result of the actionable insights provided by the audit. This is a key deliverable and a key value driver of the audit process.