Designing personalized sales, marketing and support activities with customer personas 

Industry: iGaming 
Client since: 2021
Created customer value propositions.
Customer persona development.
Provided actionable recommendations


  • Experience Design
  • Service Design


Customer personas are fictional profiles of particular target customers based on data and research. They represent some key traits of a particular segment of audience, their concerns, challenges, needs, specific behavior and also include some demographic details. These customer profiles help business understand how people are using their products or services, as well as how to attract new customers. They come particularly in handy for marketing, sales and customer support departments. For this reason, our customer, Pay Per Head, requested Symphony’s service design expertise.


Pay Per Head is one of the leading software solutions providers for premium bookies and agents. The company’s main offerings are sportsbook software, casino software, and back-office solutions for agent payment, and user management, as well as providing live dealers and diverse wagering options. Their bookie management software help to highly organize and streamline the client’s day-to-day functions. The software solution is feature rich whilst being competitively priced. In addition to the platform features the range of services on offer places their packages at the front of the pack.
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To facilitate the activities of their marketing, sales, and customer support departments, Pay Per Head requested Symphony Solutions design team to conduct the research and create customer personas that go into details about their personalities, needs and expectations. The customer needed this information in order to understand their potential as well as existing audience.  



Due to some security and privacy restrictions the design team couldn’t conduct first-hand interviews with the users. Instead, they opted for the first line contacts. They conducted interviews with the customer support department who are in direct contact with the clients and sales department whose focus is engaging new clients.  


To build successful sales and marketing activities we need to know the reasons why customers are using or quitting the services and switching to competitors. To answers these questions customers’ pains, gains, needs and jobs have to be created.  

Symphony Solutions design team conducted a series of interviews and analyzed customer analytics in order to understand the reasons behind customer behavior and identify key customer personas.  

The team conducted 10 interviews with customer-facing staff and synthesized the information gathered to be used for creating customer personas that included pains, gains, and jobs maps based on insights. 

They then used the Osterwalder business model canvas to map out how to address these customer needs through the development of products and services. They also identified unique value propositions for each customer segment and identified an ideal customer persona – the one that brings the most profit to the company and doesn’t require much effort on the com[any side.  

This work was done to facilitate the development of successful sales and marketing strategies for the company. 



The design team at Symphony Solutions conducted a thorough analysis of customer behavior and identified key customer personas to inform the development of successful sales and marketing strategies. The results of their work included: 

  • Four unique value propositions for each customer segment 
  • An ideal customer persona 
  • Customer personas with pains, gains, and jobs maps based on insights 
  • Detailed recommendations for how to apply the research to the work of the marketing, sales, and customer support departments, including personalized and differentiated campaigns and communication, customer support scripts, personalized demos, and feature prioritization and development ideas.