Quick UI Improvements for Service Interruption Issues 

Quick UI Improvements for Service Interruption Issues 

Industry: iGaming
Client since: 2021
Improved service interruption
Enhanced customer experience
Streamlined payment process
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Experience Design
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When users do not pay for services on time, they may experience service interruptions that can impact the business in a negative way. This can occur when users have a negative balance, which results in a loss of access to services. The impact of service interruptions both on the business and its clients can be significant, as it can lead to a loss of revenue and customer satisfaction. In order to prevent these negative impacts, it is important for businesses to have strategies in place to manage service interruptions and ensure that users are able to continue using the product or service without disruption.  

Symphony Solutions team was focused on finding answers to key questions such as: what is the main cause of service interruption? And what is the root issue behind it. By analyzing customer behavior and identifying which types of users were most affected, our team was able to generate effective solutions  


Our client is an industry-leading software solutions provider offering a comprehensive suite of services for bookies and agents. Their products include sportsbook software, casino software, and back-office solutions for efficient agent payment and user management. With live dealers and a wide range of wagering options, they provide a feature-rich platform at a competitive price. The extensive range of services offered sets them apart as a top choice in the market. 


Our client requested help from Symphony Solutions to deal with an issue of service interruption. When their customers did not pay on time, they would lose access to services if they had a negative balance for a certain period of time. The same applied to their players. The client believed that this was negatively impacting their business and causing them to lose money. They turned to Symphony Solutions with the hope of improving the service interruption experience and reducing its negative impact on the business.  


To resolve the problem of service disruptions faced by our client, the Symphony Solutions team utilized experience design services, systematically approaching the project through a sequence of carefully planned steps. They began by analyzing the current service interruption to understand its impact on the client and how much money was being lost. They also researched industry best practices and how similar problems were being addressed in the industry, conducted a competitor analysis, and generated ideas for improving the service interruption experience.  

Symphony Solutions design team followed the following four steps to tackle this project for our client:  

STEP 1. CURRENT SITUATION ANALYSIS: During this process, we analyzed the current situation to understand how badly service interruption affects the client and how much money they lose. We found that while 32% of customers experience service interruptions, 93% of them pay the same week. This led us to determine that our target audience should be those 32% of customers experiencing service interruptions, with the goal of moving them to the 68% of customers who pay in advance.  

STEP 2. EXISTING APPROACHES ANALYSIS: In this step, we analyzed industry best practices and how similar problems have been solved in the industry. We also looked at how our competitors are handling similar situations and consulted with domain experts. We found that the best way to deal with payment issues is to constantly and personally communicate with users and remind them of deadlines and consequences through the optimal channel.  

STEP 3. IDEAS SYNTHESIS: We analyzed the customer journey to understand when service interruptions might occur and narrowed it down to two critical moments: when the interruption begins and when it’s too late. We then generated several ideas, including partial payment deals and UI communication improvements, and selected the “UI improvements” approach as the most feasible solution. This approach involves making important payment information visible and accessible from all screens, increasing the accessibility of payment, organizing the home screen, providing visible communication and notifications, and possibly adding gamification elements to stimulate higher ratings.  

STEP 4. SOLUTION DESIGN: We designed the solution to include accessible balance information with a call-to-action button in the header, contextual notifications, a reorganized dashboard with payment-related information and deadlines, and a “call us” button for personalized communication. We also created wireframes and user flows to visualize the implementation.  


The team’s simple and cost-effective customer journey solution improved the product’s performance and solved the client’s problem. The client did not need a major overhaul, as the team just brought the issue to the forefront and increased visibility. Testing the results of the work through A/B testing and using digital personas to target specific audiences allowed us to see how these improvements affected those who may have experienced service interruptions, and how much it moved them from a problematic area to a safe zone. It’s often possible to address complex issues with simple and inexpensive solutions.  

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