Creating a Best-In-Class Experience Through Improved UX/UI

Creating a Best-In-Class Experience Through Improved UX/UI

Industry: iGaming
Client since: 2022
Increased User Engagement
Improvement in User Satisfaction Levels
20% Reduction in Bounce Rates
Services used
Experience Design
Technologies used


In order to improve their existing applications, Yepp Interactive, a startup that focuses on creating a peer-to-peer betting experience, sought out experienced UX and UI designers. Symphony Solutions utilized its domain experience to implement design concepts and develop feature sets for an MVP product, using their agile managed services. As a result of this project, the company’s web-based service saw a significant increase in user engagement by 30%, user retention rates by 25%, and a reduction in bounce rates by 20%, while also improving user satisfaction levels. 



Yepp Interactive is a startup that is focused on disrupting the sports betting experience, cutting out the traditional bookmaker by creating a peer-to-peer betting experience. Their tagline is “Bet With Your Friends”, which captures the essence of their exciting proposition. 

Users of the apps can choose to either bet one on one with a friend or to bet via a group. Additionally, users can create a championship with multiple matches from top soccer leagues around the globe. Features include stake customization and the ability to bet on a huge range of bet types. 

In addition to comprehensive betting features, the app provides a bar locater, allowing people to locate bars in their location where sports are being streamed live on TV. Watch a game with your friends and use the app as a second screen to place your bets against each other or with a rival group. The app also shows which broadcaster is covering key matches, ensuring users never miss a chance to watch their games. 

The product is focused on social gaming, leveraging interactive features, such as chat. However, the goal is to be able to offer real-money gaming in the near future. 


Yepp Interactive urgently required experienced UX and UI designers to carry out an audit of their existing applications to create a list of improvements that could be prioritized by the stakeholders at Yepp in conjunction with the team. Our client required a flexible approach and took advantage of Symphony´s proven engagement model via the provision of experience design services.    

In parallel Yepp Interactive identified a need for senior development experience and skills to shorten the time to market new features whilst delivering the innovation that they require. 


The client was looking for a service provider with deep iGaming experience. The project kicked off with a UI and UX workshop being held with key stakeholders at Yepp.   

Satisfied with the services provided, Yepp stakeholders realized they would like to exploit the same domain experience for the implementation of design concepts and further develop feature sets for an MVP product by utilizing Symphony’s agile managed services.    


The goal set before the Symphony team was to enhance MVP to the next level by creating a user experience that not only attracts new users but also fosters existing user retention.    

The project started in April. The first steps for the design team were:   

  • To conduct an audit of the existing platform;   
  • To allocate Additional hours to the development of new concepts.  

The implementation of the design concepts was to begin in May 2022, with further development services to follow.  

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