Taking Card Games to the Next Level on Mobile  

Taking Card Games to the Next Level on Mobile  

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The digital landscape of gaming and betting is evolving, with users expecting easy-to-use platforms that offer great mobile experiences. Users are now more inclined to game on-the-go, making it essential for platforms to be optimized for mobile use. Here’s where BetWinner steps in. While BetWinner had a solid footing with their desktop-based card games, transitioning these to mobile applications proved challenging. Realizing the need for expertise, BetWinner turned to Symphony Solutions, hoping to streamline their card and casual games’ development and migration to mobile platforms.



BetWinner is a prominent name in the sports betting arena with over 400,000 active users on the platform. While traditional betting remains its forte, BetWinner diversifies its offerings with a plethora of options, including European handicap, correct score, run of play, over/under, and a myriad more.
Furthermore, BetWinner doesn’t limit itself to team sports. They provide unique betting options for individual sports, allowing head-to-head bets on select athletes. With a sportsbook that boasts over 1,000 daily events, covering both mainstream and niche sports, BetWinner has solidified its position in the industry.


BetWinner’s goal was to replicate its desktop-based card games onto mobile apps. However, they faced several obstacles during their initial prototyping phases. For starters, the mobile version had to match the desktop’s agility without compromising on speed or responsiveness. Furthermore, design challenges emerged as the intricate desktop interface needed to be adapted to mobile, ensuring an equally immersive user experience on a more compact screen.  

And last but not least, integrating these comprehensive card games like Black Jack into a cohesive mobile application, while preserving all features and ensuring user-friendly navigation, added to the complexities. Recognizing the enormity and intricacy of these challenges, BetWinner approached Symphony Solutions, seeking our specialized expertise for the card games’ developmental transition. 

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Following the initial competitor analysis research and sessions with the BetWinner stakeholders, our designers delivered:  

  • game design and flow. 
  • generic game templates.  
  • animated visuals.  

Our development team focused on customer concerns and, as a part of our custom iGaming software development services, created a custom game engine that supports modern architecture and industry best practices:  

  • component model that enables re-using standard components in several games. 
  • support for spine animation and sprites. 
  • secured network communication layer. 
  • custom fonts and bitmaps support. 
  • multi-currency support. 
  • multilanguage support and automated text resize. 
  • application minification and obfuscation using WebPack. 


With Symphony Solutions’ help, BetWinner successfully brought their card games to mobile users. Now, whether on an iPhone or an Android device, players can enjoy games like Blackjack smoothly and without a hitch. This move ensured that BetWinner’s games are always available to players, run quickly, look great, and work well, providing a top-notch experience. In simple terms, BetWinner’s card games are now easy and fun to play on the go! 

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