Designing Omnichannel Solution for a Chain of Testing Centers

Designing Omnichannel Solution for a Chain of Testing Centers

Industry: Healthcare
Client since: October 2020
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Spoedtestcorona testing centers emerged as a response to the urgent need to provide efficient and affordable rapid testing for Covid-19. Since then, the company grew into a chain of testing centers in the Netherlands and Belgium, that offer a variety of health testing services. The testing centers provide services to individuals and companies, they employ healthcare professionals, and even cooperated with the Dutch government on providing testing services to schools. Due to this wide-ranging need for testing services, Spoedtestcorona required a solid omnichannel design solution that would help coordinate client appointments, test result delivery, and manage user data, including sensitive medical information. Such a data-intensive service required a multi-level approach to creating a comprehensive omnichannel design strategy. 



Spoedtestcorona is a chain of testing centers in the Netherlands and Belgium, that offers affordable and efficient testing services. It started out offering rapid screening tests for Covid-19, as a response to urgent social need, and has now expanded to offering bloodwork for general health check-up, testing for STDs, skin and nail disease, etc. 


Spoedtestcorona required a comprehensive solution that would encapsulate functionality on client-side as well as an admin dashboard to manage schedules, locations, payment processing, delivering and storing test results, etc. The web application was to serve the purpose of a single point of access for testing center personnel and patients in need of a test.  


Symphony Solutions Design team took on the task of creating a comprehensive omnichannel solution for the client. They took care of both digital and non-digital parts of the project. 

Website development 

Symphony Solutions Design Team needed to identify and flesh out the vision of the application.  

  • Understand requirements for the new web application 
  • New design for the existing website 
  • Competitor research and USP analysis 
  • Created user flows and information architecture for the website 

To help create a friendly and approachable face for the company and be more relatable to the clients, more information about the company was added to the website: 

  • Interactive map of test locations 
  • Types of tests information 
  • How mobile testing units operate 
  • Information about personal data security 
  • About the medic team 

Also, was provided multichannel resources for promo campaigns and functionality. All of these steps focus on helping clients collaborate with the government.  

Admin dashboard 

Symphony Solutions Design Team worked on admin panel for the website. Services blueprints were used to visualize the organizational process and optimize business delivery and experience. Improvements that were incorporated: 

  • Separate processes for different roles 
  • Added permissions in the admin panel according to the user role 

Understanding how all processes work and which type of permission each role needs, the team: 

  • Worked with each role on creating separate user flows and improving the service part. 
  • Tested the solution involving potential users, and collected feedback on app features and functionalities. 

In the second step, we worked with each separate role: 

  • Created different user flows and tried to understand how to improve the service part. 
  • After a few iterations, conducted testing involving potential users who provided feedback on the app features and functionalities.  

Focusing on the whole service, not only on the admin part, allowed us to understand and cover role activities not limited to the digital environment. As a result, we have created a holistic solution based on roles and their jobs.  

In addition, proper Information architecture allowed to simplify the system and decrease the amount of redundant information, providing only needed and specific information for every role and for every stage, and therefore decreasing the time required for the whole cycle from setting a test appointment to receiving results.  


Symphony Solutions team applied an omnichannel approach providing service design, branding, web development, testing, DevOps, and digital marketing services. In just 2,5 weeks, they delivered the following:  

  • cross-platform web application, where people can register for testing  
  • admin portal to perform all the management  
  • lead-generating website.  

Omnichannel marketing services entailed developing a digital marketing strategy, including extensive PPC campaigns, which resulted in an over 3x decrease in cost per lead with a 3x increase in organic lead acquisition.