Reinforced Learning with Mindmarker

Reinforced Learning with Mindmarker

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Workshops and training seminars are ubiquitous on the landscape of human learning and improvement. Businesses count heavily on frequent and regular training to provide new and sharpened skills for their employees. This also includes the plethora of online opportunities in every specialized area. But many people question how effective these trainings really are for changing behavior and practice in the longer term.



Mindmarker is a leader in Training Reinforcement that provides a cloud-based solution to deliver training content on major smartphone platforms and provides web access. Large companies are using this solution for e-Learning training efficiency improvement. The Mindmarker offices in Boston and Amsterdam serve client partners in a wide geographical loop including the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Their objective is to help organizations maximize training value via their SaaS-based platform, which enables these companies to create a lasting impact and drive behavior change through advanced learning reinforcement. This shifts the model of knowing how to do something toward a model of application and regular use of the new skills and practices.


Training is not a one-time event. Data shows that even after the most popular and engaging workshops and trainings, the “forgetting curve” begins and up to 2/3 of the material is forgotten after 2 weeks. What does this bode for managers who worry that the impact of their efforts is low, but still need to provide training and upskilling to their people. 


The early impact of Symphony Solutions’ involvement was to enhance the existing functionality, develop the application, test it and maintain it. This included: 

  • Client-facing responsive web apps that are used on other platforms. 

Throughout the long and fruitful collaboration between Symphony Solutions and Mindmarker, numerous enhancements continue. One of the recent efforts was a web upgrade from Backbone JS to Angular 7. And custom applications are often developed for clients depending on their varied demands. 


The flexible E-Learning platform provides ongoing reinforcement to training participants through automatic transmission of training content, including personalized videos, e-mails, texts, tests or pdf files. Users can receive these learning reinforcements on pre-determined dates and times via apps on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. The dates, frequency and type of content can be scheduled according to any set of criteria. 

As a result of these efforts, the Mindmarker E-Learning platform is used in 21 languages in 100 countries. The client has sold 164,000 software licenses to more than 110 customers in 28 countries. Forty of these customers are at Fortune 500 companies and report high levels of satisfaction with the platform and its continued improvements and upgrades. 

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