Knowledge Solutions Platform for Global Industry Leaders

Knowledge Solutions Platform for Global Industry Leaders

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Client since: 2011
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Knowledge is the backbone of any organization’s success, and in order to ensure qualified and properly trained staff, companies’ learning strategies require smarter solutions that go beyond traditional tools. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are designed to help enterprises manage and distribute knowledge effectively within their organizations. Choosing LMS can be costly and time-consuming affair. But once the company settles on the right solution, the learning platform can help drive business growth.

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Intuition is one of the world’s leading LMS providers offering off the shelf e-learning content for professionals in financial, compliance, organizational change and other sectors and helping companies with the Global Training Programs for their staff. To help their clients optimize their knowledge and trade more effectively, Intuition provides online courses, knowledge services, blended learning solutions and knowledge management technology. All by combining a deep understanding of clients, their industries and Intuition’s comprehensive capabilities.


In the era of mobile world, Intuition wanted to go ahead with the trends and develop a content-driven SaaS mobile platform supporting both formal (targeted trainings and learning content) and informal (learning content from social media) e-learning formats, with advanced usability and improved content recommendation mechanism.  

To help Intuition develop the next generation of their e-learning app, support their design and development needs, as well as cater to the unique requirements of their customers and keep their core app up-to-date by constantly updating its features, Intuition was looking for a software development partner.   


The collaboration between Symphony Solutions and Intuition started from the support of their design and development needs. And later developed into the following: 

  • As a part of our custom elearning development services and cloud native development, we helped Intuition design and develop the next generation of their core learning product, a cloud-based mobile solution with user-centric UI and design based on information architecture. The main application features are:

Content First UI/UX.
Content mapped to user profile and learning objectives.
Playlists and subscriptions.
Training deadlines and reminders.
Notifications about new and upcoming learning events.
Admin interface with functionality to manage user groups, track statistics, upload documents, generate and export reports, etc. 

  • Once the app was built, the team keeps working on designing and integrating new features into client’s core app as a part of UI/UX services.
  • On-request customization of the app according to Intuition’s customer requests to make it easily integrated with the corporate systems and ensure familiar experice and branding. 
  • Proactive role in optimizing UX of their solution. 


  • A successful 9 year long collaboration between Symphony Solutions and Intuition that started from supporting their on-going needs and later evolved to design and development of their next generation app.
  • Creating customized solutions for Intuition’s biggest clients in financial services, banking and retail industries. 
  • Growth of Intuition’s enterprise client base.
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