Redefining the Counseling Journey with Online Innovations 

Redefining the Counseling Journey with Online Innovations 

Industry: eLearning
Location: Ireland
Full Online Transition
Reduced Administrative Hassles
Enhanced UI/UX Design
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Application modernization Experience Design
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Educational institutions, especially in the modern digital age, need to be agile and adaptive to the changing needs of students and the market. As the world moves towards a more digital-centric approach, our client wanted to ensure their online presence is not only informative but also user-friendly and efficient. 

A streamlined online application process not only enhances the user experience but also reduces administrative burdens, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency. 


The client, founded in 1991 has been a beacon of excellence in providing mature students with comprehensive training in counseling and psychotherapy. With its rich history and commitment to continuous professional development, the institution has made significant strides in the field of education. 


The client’s primary challenge was the hybrid nature of their online application process. Potential students were required to navigate through a mix of online and offline steps, leading to confusion and inefficiencies. The process involved mailing documents and making in-person tuition payments, resulting in excessive paperwork and administrative challenges. 

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Design for Impact and Unleash New Potential


Symphony Solutions embarked on a journey with the client to transform their online application experience: 

1.Discovery Phase: A deep dive into the existing website and application process was conducted to identify pain points and areas of improvement. 

  • What are the current steps involved? 
  • How can the process be made more intuitive? 
  • What are the challenges faced by potential students? 
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2.Website Redesign: A complete overhaul of the website was undertaken. 

  • Introduction of distinct color palettes for different course directions. 
  • Incorporation of custom illustrations and photographs to enhance visual appeal. 

3.Application Process Revamp: The application process was restructured for simplicity and efficiency. 

  • Transition to a fully online process, eliminating offline steps. 
  • Integration of a secure payment gateway. 
  • Grouping of specific steps for a more intuitive user journey. 

The solution was designed with a focus on user experience, ensuring that potential students could navigate the application process with ease. 


Symphony Solutions delivered a transformative solution for the client, integrating experience design services to enhance user engagement and technological efficiency. 

  • A modernized website with enhanced UI/UX. 
  • A fully online application process, reducing administrative burdens. 
  • A refreshed brand identity, resonating with the institution’s values and vision. 
Redefining the Counseling Journey - result-image

The collaboration with the client continues, with Symphony Solutions committed to further enhancing the online experience for students and staff alike. 

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