Reinventing Taxi Dispatch Software: All-Round Redevelopment and Rebranding 

Reinventing Taxi Dispatch Software: All-Round Redevelopment and Rebranding 

Industry: Airline & Transportation
Location: Ireland
Client since: 2019
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Unified Product Identity Design
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Airline & Transportation


With technology reshaping the taxi dispatch system landscape, customers today are after more than just a ride. They expect an end-to-end smooth experience, from booking to payment, and that’s where our client comes into the picture. As a provider of a comprehensive taxi dispatch management system, the client offers an experience that simplifies the ride and enhances user interactions. Collaborating with Symphony Solutions, the client had a clear aim: to revitalize its brand and to refine its product designs


The client, a key player in the field of taxi dispatch services, delivers a robust cloud-based solution enabling taxi companies to manage their operations more efficiently.
Their offering includes a streamlined web and driver app, improving the user journey for both drivers and customers. Despite being rooted in Ireland, the client’s reach extends globally.


The client sought a major rebranding and product redesign. The objective was not just to enhance their brand identity, but also to create an intuitive and user-friendly design for their website and app. The main hurdle was crafting a brand and product design that remained cohesive, yet flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their users. The client needed help with: 

  • Enhancing the Passenger App 
  • Improving the Import Tool 
  • Streamlining the Admin Portal 
  • Understanding User Needs and Preferences 
  • Maintaining Transparency and Effective Communication 
  • Gaining Direct Insights from Clients and Users 


Symphony Solutions took the helm with a methodical and strategic approach to experience design services . Capitalizing on their expertise in branding and design, they initiated a wide-ranging rebranding and redesign scheme. This project was not confined to the development of a new brand identity for the client, but also included a thorough redesign of the main website and the establishment of a consistent identity across all products of the client. 

  • The iCabbi Passenger App received crucial developmental upgrades that improved usability, fostering a superior passenger experience. The team implemented a new feature in the passenger app that enabled users to share trip details with their contacts. They incorporated various sharing methods like SMS, email, and social media to provide flexibility to users. 
  • The iCabbi Import Tool underwent substantial development to increase efficiency, simplifying the data import process for users. The development team worked on revamping the import settings page, improving its user interface and overall user experience. They refined the import tool configuration to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. 
  • The Admin Portal was refined, making platform management more effective and straightforward. They implemented booking metrics to provide valuable insights to administrators for better decision-making. The admin portal’s architecture was designed to ensure secure access and data management. 
  • Optimization and Issue Resolution: The team identified and resolved performance issues to ensure smooth app functioning. They optimized the codebase and database queries to enhance the app’s speed and responsiveness. 
  • Continuous Improvement: Throughout the development process, the team iteratively improved existing features based on user feedback and emerging trends. 
  • Complete Rebranding: The rebranding exercise gave the client a fresh, attractive, and resonating brand identity. They focused on improving the app’s layout, color scheme, and iconography to create a more engaging interface. User feedback from previous iterations was considered to address pain points and optimize user journeys. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: The redesign of the main website and product identity led to an intuitive and user-friendly interaction for the client’s customers. Regular user testing sessions were conducted to gather feedback on the app’s usability and identify areas for improvement. The team prioritized user satisfaction and incorporated user-centered design principles throughout the development process. 
  • Harmonized Product Identity: The unified identity across all products allowed the client to deliver a consistent and frictionless experience at all touchpoints. 
  • Brand Rebranding: The journey began with the development of a fresh brand identity for the client. In close cooperation with the the client’s team, the new branding was carefully crafted to embody the client’s vision and mission while setting it apart in a competitive market. 
  • Web Redesign: Next, the redesign of the main website was addressed. Symphony came up with a design that bolstered customer engagement and impeccably mirrored the new branding. 
  • Product Identity Design: The last piece of the puzzle was to create a harmonized identity for the client’s array of products. This consistent design across all products cemented the new brand image and promoted a seamless user experience.


The partnership between Symphony Solutions and the client resulted in substantial changes in the client’s taxi dispatch software products and online presence. With a revamped brand identity and a suite of redeveloped products, the client now offers a smoother user experience, solidifying its position as a forward-thinking leader in the transportation industry.

Elevated Brand Image: The comprehensive rebranding project meticulously executed by Symphony Solutions greatly enhanced the client’s market presence. This thorough effort boosted brand recognition and reshaped customer perceptions, paving the way for broader market acceptance. 

Amplified User Engagement: The thoughtful, user-centric modifications made to the Passenger App and Admin Portal led to a significant surge in user engagement. These enhancements fostered a more intuitive user experience, effectively boosting user retention rates and overall satisfaction. 

Streamlined Operational Efficiency: The careful redevelopment and optimization of the Admin Portal and Import Tool significantly improved operational processes. These efficiencies led to meaningful time and resource savings, positively impacting the client’s bottom line. 

Maintained Competitive Advantage: Symphony Solutions’ commitment to iterative development, informed by user feedback, maintained the client’s competitive edge in the fast-paced transportation industry. This approach ensures their offerings remain relevant and attractive to users. 

Enhanced Customer Service: The strategic alignment of platform enhancements with user needs and preferences resulted in a marked improvement in customer satisfaction. This focus on the end-user experience not only amplified customer loyalty but also solidified the client’s reputation for being customer-centric. 

In short, the collaboration with Symphony Solutions enabled the client to elevate its brand, ensuring a more comprehensive and improved user experience for its customers.