Reimagining Air Travel Booking with Redesign & Rebranding 

Reimagining Air Travel Booking with Redesign & Rebranding 

Industry: Airline & Transportation
Location: The Netherlands 
Client since: 2019
Responsive Design
Backend and Frontend Enhancements Implementation
Multimodal Booking System Development
Services used
Application Development Experience Design
Technologies used
Airline & Transportation


There’s a growing buzz around comprehensive transport services in the airline industry. These days, travelers are asking for more than just a flight. They want a full array of services that can be tailored to their unique schedules and needs. This is where our client comes into the picture.

The client is an all-in-one, door-to-door booking service to multiple destinations around the world. The cooperation between Symphony Solutions and the client aims to help the company rebrand and design all its products. At the time of contact, their digital products only had the backend developed and required front end development, as well as an efficient UX solution. During the engagement period, our team visited the client’s office, got a detailed understanding of the company, and then put their heads together to make a series of changes according to their agreed-upon objectives.


Our client offers all-in-one booking solutions for a multimodal traveling experience, allowing users to plan their journey from door-to-door, without necessarily involving another service provider. The company has partnered with over 150 airlines, including Emirates, Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, and Qatar Airways, among others. Additionally, our client’s app users can access ground transportation services in over 180 airports across 25 countries via airport-to-airport buses or shuttles. The company also recently launched train travel content and schedules available in Amsterdam to Paris, London Paddington to Cardiff, and Berlin to Hamburg routes.  

To cater to post-journey accommodation needs, the company offers a mobile app and web integration with for apartment and hotel reservation, creating the ultimate traveling experience. On top of that, the client offers a Driver’s app, enabling local drivers to increase their passenger base with direct bookings. What’s interesting, both the passenger and the driver app are accessible via one, easy-to-manage carrier portal.  


The client approached Symphony Solutions seeking a complete rebranding and redesign of all its digital products. At the time of contact, the digital solutions had their backend developed and needed an intuitive front end with immersive UI/UX. With a multimodal traveling experience as the company’s selling point, our team was required to deliver an end-to-end transport connection, which meant connecting a lot of products. This wasn’t only challenging but also fascinating since we have handled similar projects before. At the company level, the client wanted the digital products to be consistent and recognizable while prioritizing the specific intricate user needs for each solution.  


Leveraging our experience design services, we spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding, redesign and development of the client’s booking system. Our approach integrated rigorous competition research, stakeholder workshops, and usability testing, resulting in enhanced UX across all digital products. 

Using Agile methodologies, we implemented an iterative process, ensuring flexibility and efficiency throughout the redesign and development processes. This, coupled with the creation of functionalities hypotheses from stakeholder interviews, allowed us to customize the project to meet the client’s evolving needs. The result was a successful transformation of the client’s brand and an improved, user-centric service platform. 

Company Rebranding  

Carrier Portal  

Our rebranding work started with the carrier portal, which targets owners of shuttle buses and small taxi apps. We interviewed these users to understand their needs, value, and the ideal experience they wanted us to create in the carrier portal. Until now, we have analyzed the gathered user feedback and followed it up with participatory workshops to define the next steps.  

  • Created wireframes 
  • Refreshed visual design style 
  • Improved current UX solution 
  • Usability testing with target users 
  • Created a style guide for the development team 

After implementing these steps, we successfully launched the newly rebranded and redesigned carrier portal.  

Passenger/ Driver Apps  

The passenger app was designed for the client for booking flights and accommodations. Driver app was designed to be used by taxi and bus drivers to manage client requests and keep track of trips. The goal was to make the apps consistent with the new company branding while maintaining high-quality expectations due to an already established competition on the market.  

Competition Research  

The Symphony team conducted in-depth research on the client’s competitors in order to differentiate the company from similar service providers and highlight its uniqueness during rebranding and redesigning. This also helped us to identify new trends and best practices for rebranding.  

Participatory Workshops  

Our team traveled to The Netherlands for participatory workshops with the client’s key stakeholders, where we discussed various aspects of the project, including goals, design preferences, target audience and desired outcomes. By holding participatory workshops, the development team ensured 100% alignment between expectations and deliverables.  


Usability Testing with Target Users 

Usability (UX) is an essential component of any redesigning project. To validate the usability level after front end development, we conducted several usability testing sessions with the target users, including drivers. The observations made when users interacted with the prototypes helped the development team identify areas of improvement.  

UX Fixes to Incorporate Results of Usability Testing  

We implemented several fixes based on the findings of usability testing phases to create a superior UX that will make the client stand out amid stiff competition. This includes implementing high-level tweaks on the app’s menu and navigation panel to simplify complex workflows.  

User Journey Mapping  

Mapping the user journey was crucial during the development process, as it helped developers understand where friction may arise in the future, as well as opportunities for improving user experience. With this in mind, the team created meticulous user journey maps, highlighting the steps involved when interacting with all features or modules of the digital solutions.  

Style Guides for the Development Team 

To ensure visual element consistency across all devices and screen sizes, we created a comprehensive style guide that documented how various visual elements should be incorporated. This included color palettes, spacing guidelines, typography, iconography, and other page design elements.  

Functionalities Hypotheses Created Based on Interviews  

Thanks to the functionalities hypotheses generated from the interview during the workshop in the Netherlands, our team was able to take an iteration approach to the project. This means we can customize the redesign process as much as needed by changing the order of steps to complement the foregoing project needs or including any number of iterations to progress in parallel. Depending on the exact project needs at any given time, our team may run N iterations in each direction, allowing the client to present a multitude of different products for targeted users—passengers, drivers, or transportation service providers.  


The partnership between Symphony Solutions and the client resulted in significant business outcomes, characterized by streamlined business operations, reduced operating costs, and improved customer experience. Here’s a short summary of the results: 

  • Comprehensive Booking System: An integrated passenger transportation booking system was developed, providing a user-friendly interface for reservations. 
  • Expanded Services: The platform now connects travelers with shuttle drivers and provides ground transportation services in over 180 airports across 25 countries. We also created promo websites to present the benefits of the different products. 
  • Accommodation Services: In collaboration with, hotel reservation services were incorporated into the platform. 
  • Successful Rebranding: The client’s brand underwent a successful rebranding and redesign process, resulting in a more appealing platform for users. This inclued the redesign of multiple products to create a consistent experience while catering to specific user needs 
  • Backend and Frontend Fixes: Necessary improvements and fixes were implemented in the digital products’ backend and frontend, enhancing functionality and user experience. This included custom illustrations for the carrier portal and user apps 
  • Mobile Responsiveness: The platform was made responsive across different devices and browsers to ensure a seamless user experience. 
  • Improved Data Management: An efficient revenue overview report was created to improve data management and provide useful earnings insights. 

In summary, this collaboration resulted in a more efficient, comprehensive, and user-friendly transport service platform. 

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