Boosting Travel Retail Leader’s Platform Development & Customer Service 

Boosting Travel Retail Leader’s Platform Development & Customer Service 

Industry: Airline & Transportation
Client since: 2022
Digital Commerce Platform Development Support
End Customer Collaboration for Travel Market Integration
Service Support for Airlines
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Airline & Transportation


Renewed, dynamic increase in interest in flights results in an increase in demand for IT services in areas supporting the aviation industry.

The interest also concerns the creation of new services, the integration of existing services, expanding them and the search for methods to optimize both the offer and the organization of work.

Datalex is a digital commerce for travel retail market leader.

Datalex offers the Digital Commerce Platform – a solution dedicated to airlines to drive revenue and profit as digital retailers. Also, Datalex provides services for online travel agencies and travel management companies providing convenient end to end travel experience.

The cooperation between Symphony Solutions and Datalex is aimed at supporting the existing teams serving end customers – airlines, by implementing and customization of Datalex product based on the airlines architecture/business needs, as well as supporting the development of Datalex’s own products by creating new teams and entrusting the development of Datalex’s product portfolio.



Datalex is a travel retail software company that provides digital commerce solutions to airlines and travel companies. Datalex’s mission is to deliver innovative solutions that drive the transformation of the travel industry, enabling its clients to provide a seamless and personalized customer experience. The company has been in the industry for over 30 years and has worked with some of the world’s leading airlines. Datalex is proud to have a team of experts who are passionate about using technology to revolutionize the travel industry.


When our team started working with Datalex, we were faced with a range of challenges. One of the biggest was to quickly adapt to the work of existing teams, which required effective communication and coordination. Additionally, we had to quickly onboard onto their big and complicated product, which had a huge amount of documentation. Another challenge was to create new teams with experience in software development for the aviation industry, which required finding the right talent with the right skill sets. Lastly, we had to coordinate the cooperation between Datalex and end customers to ensure that their needs were met effectively. Despite these challenges, our team was able to overcome them through collaboration and dedication, and we were able to deliver innovative solutions that drove the transformation of the travel industry. 

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The operationalization of goals became possible due to the involvement of Symphony Solutions specialists, who have extensive experience in the travel industry, specifically in integrating and developing booking systems, as well as knowledge of regulations and restrictions related to the travel industry, including compliance with International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards, New Distribution Capability (NDC), integration with payment service providers, insurance, and ensuring the security of personal and sensitive data. 

Moreover, thanks to Symphony Solutions’ experience in work organization with the use of Agile-based methodologies, they were able to provide effective training programs to introduce new specialists to the project, share knowledge, improve processes, and enable seamless remote cooperation. 


The cooperation between Symphony Solutions and Datalex has resulted in the involvement of several dozen specialists in the development of Datalex’s own products dedicated to airline retail, as well as in services provided to the end customers – airlines from around the world. Due to COVID-19, certain features had been frozen, but were re-activated and revitalized by the Symphony Solutions teams. 

Thanks to their extensive experience in the travel industry, the specialists were able to quickly familiarize themselves with Datalex’s solutions, utilizing various tools and adhering to Datalex’s internal and industry standards. Symphony Solutions’ experts were entrusted with independent tasks in the field of integration, system development, performance measurement and improvement, system and data security, and product testing. All of these elements are crucial for achieving success in the aviation industry.