Symphony Solutions became a Google Partner

Symphony Solutions became a Google Partner

We are proud to announce that the Symphony Solutions marketing team earned the Google Partner badge in search advertising.

Symphony Solutions became a Google Partner

Earning the Google Partner badge is only possible for those digital marketing companies and agencies which had proved the quality of their advertising services and demonstrated advanced knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products. We’ve been working hard to earn this badge and become a Google Partner. The path to it includes passing certification in Google AdWords, along gathering and collecting data to prove our knowledge in advanced concepts for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing ad campaigns.

Which advantages do we have now?

Proven quality services: earning Google badge means that we are qualified by Google and our services respond to its requirements and criteria.

Connection with Google: being a Google Partner means to have access to Google training and support, being on the same line with its trends and updates.

Up-to-date knowledge: with a Google Partner badge, we also earned access to Google learning materials. Therefore, our clients will get the most updated and innovative solutions to promote their businesses online.

Having access to all the advantages, including Google learning materials and trends, we’ll be able to deliver even better results to our clients’ businesses. We’ll keep working on improving our knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products, push our performance and build long-lasting relationships with our customers; and this is something we have already been doing. However, we are so happy to be recognized by Google for doing all of this on a daily basis.