Revolutionizing Healthcare with Results-Driven Marketing Strategies  

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Results-Driven Marketing Strategies  

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Easly, the revolutionary approach to home self-testing, was born out of the need to address the gap between what people expect from healthcare and what the current system can offer. The team at Easly noticed that the current healthcare system is very busy with caring for the sick and there is relatively little room for preventive health questions. With this in mind, they have developed a platform where people can monitor their health in a way that is easy to understand.



Easly is revolutionizing healthcare in the Netherlands with its innovative self-testing products. With a focus on making healthcare accessible and easy for all, Easly offers at-home tests for various aspects of health, including kidney and liver function, thyroid hormones, vitamins, and more. The results are analyzed by ISO-certified labs and Easly’s medical team, and accompanied by easy-to-understand interpretations and advice. The home testing app and personal dashboard allow users to have control over their health data and access it all in one place, making medical information accessible and understandable. The platform is available 24/7 and dedicated to improving the lives of customers.

“They not only embraced our ideas with vigor and enthusiasm but also delivered exactly what was expected. It’s their dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality work that truly impressed us.” 

Executive at Easly
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The Symphony Solutions marketing and design team faced several challenges when they started working with their client Easly.  

  • Building a digital marketing strategy for a new type of service on the Dutch market from the ground up and with limited historical data 
  • Educating users about a new niche product in the healthcare market 
  • Making the product memorable and stand out in an eHealthcare market 
  • Creating a non-boring and eye-catching brand for the healthcare product 
  • Conveying the message that the healthcare product should make people’s lives easier, not harder 


The Symphony Solutions marketing team provided a full cycle of digital marketing services for healthcare to support the launch and growth of Easly, a new healthcare product in the Dutch market. Their work was focused on collaborating with the client in the following directions: 

Digital Marketing Strategy and Consultancy  

To understand the target audience and popular channels for healthcare communications, the Symphony team kicked off market research to inform the digital marketing strategy for Easly. 

This stage encompassed the following activities: 

  • Value proposition workshops:  A series of value proposition workshops were conducted to identify customer profiles. In the first round, jobs, pains, and gains for the two main directions, healthcare and lifestyle, were identified, and during the second round, Value Proposition statements were created. The workshops were instrumental in helping to understand the audience and design a compelling value proposition for Easly. This, in turn, helped the team create a strong digital marketing strategy that resonated with the target audience. 
easily image
  • Digital marketing strategy: Based on the market research, the team developed a com digital marketing strategy for both B2C and B2B audiences. They also helped the client establish collaboration with several marketing agencies. 

Website Launch and Marketing Analytics  

What followed was a website launch and performance improvements.  At this stage the marketing team helped with the launch of a new SEO-friendly website for Easly and made performance improvements to optimize user experience and engagement. To be able to refer to reliable data in the future, analytics was set up for the website.  

performance improvements- easly

Content Marketing  

The Symphony team worked with external agencies on developing a content marketing strategy and a backlog for marketing, design, and video content. The content marketing strategy for healthcare product included:   

  • Blog strategy for Easly to continue driving engagement and awareness within its target audience 
  • Video creation: The team created 7 videos for both B2B and B2C audiences, including a promo video to explain what Easly is and how it works. 

PPC Campaigns & Social Media Activities  

The Symphony Solutions team planned and rolled out paid campaigns to drive brand awareness, engagement, and consideration. 

easly case video

To support the client’s social media presence, promote the brand online and at the offline events, the team refaced and relaunched the client’s social media presence, launched online PR activities to promote Easly in the market, and provided digital support for offline events. 


The client’s initial goal was to create the next generation of a healthcare product that would not blend in on the market but in contrast will stand out. The product was going to be revolutionary, and something not yet offered on the Dutch market. To convey that message, a strong brand had to be created. Symphony’s branding services included: 

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Results-Driven Marketing Strategies

A full online rebranding for Easly, creating a new look and feel to help the product draw attention in the market. 

easly image-rebrand

Offline branding that included creating a vibrant packaging, brochures, vehicle branding that would transmit the message and of the brand.


Overall, the Symphony Solutions team worked on every step of the marketing funnel to ensure a successful launch for Easly. 



  • Full rebranding 
  • Strategy and full relaunch of website and communication channels 
  • Visible by nearly 2000 relevant keywords in 3 months 
  • First satisfied clients 

The Symphony Solutions marketing team’s collaboration with the client has led to first results for Easly. The website was fully indexed and became visible by nearly 2000 relevant keywords, with 10% of those keywords ranking in the top 10 search results. This has led to the company gaining recognition in the market and getting its first clients. The website traffic is also growing steadily.  

The future plans for Easly include expanding into the Dutch market and entering new European markets, with the goal of making the business scalable. The Symphony Solutions marketing team will continue to work with Easly to achieve their goals and drive growth. 

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