Making Demand Planning Smarter with Innovative Solution 

Making Demand Planning Smarter with Innovative Solution 

Industry: Supply Chain
Location: Belgium
Client since: 2010
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Flexible GUI
Fast loading time
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Our client, an esteemed software consultancy specializing in supply chain planning, sought to create a best-in-class, scalable solution tailored for local commercial teams involved in the forecasting process. The focus was on developing an application that not only excelled in performance but was also user-friendly. 

To achieve this, we embarked on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This approach was strategically chosen to rapidly test the feasibility of the technology and novel concepts within the market. The MVP was designed to encompass a robust set of features, addressing a primary challenge for our customers: involving up to thousands of stakeholders in a collaborative forecasting and demand planning process.  


OMP is a leading software and consulting company focused on supply chain planning. Its customer base includes leading companies in different industries: chemicals, consumer goods, life sciences, metals, paper and packaging, life sciences, etc. OMP helps companies to manage complex planning challenges, grow and thrive in their businesses by offering the best digitized supply chain planning solution in the market.


Our client, OMP, aimed to meet the evolving demands of their customers who required a more lightweight, fast, modern, and user-friendly application, specifically designed for local commercial teams. 

The project presented two primary challenges: technical complexity and methodological intricacy. 

From a technical standpoint, our objective was to develop an innovative Web UI, a new technological venture for OMP. This involved integrating the UI with a highly performant, multi-service backend. 

On the methodological front, the project was a large-scale, collaborative effort, engaging people from multiple teams and technology backgrounds. We were tasked with establishing a framework for cross-team planning and collaboration. This framework needed to support rapid iteration cycles to facilitate continuous learning and validation. 



The Symphony team adeptly addressed the challenges through a multi-faceted approach. From the outset, we established a specialized team of front-end developers, accompanied by a QA specialist and a Scrum Master. This team was tasked with investigating the capabilities of specific Web UI libraries to construct the most effective UI using selected technologies. At the same time, our technical leads from different backend teams engaged in creating a proof of concept (POC), focusing on the technical analysis and design of the product’s desired architecture. 

After six months of thorough exploration, we identified the optimal technological, architectural, and functional parameters to define the MVP solution. 

The front-end team and backend experts, along with the Quality Assurance team, continued to work closely with OMP’s product development teams. This synergy facilitated the gradual integration of necessary features into the application. 

Significantly enhancing our team’s dynamics, one of our colleagues assumed the role of project manager. This role involved leading release and sprint plannings and orchestrating cross-team development efforts. 

Additionally, we contributed to defining and implementing a Continuous Delivery process for the project. We established a Build Assurance process, led by our QA team in Lviv, which was instrumental in timely product releases and the subsequent roll-out of new features post-launch. 

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In July 2023, we achieved a significant milestone with the release of the MVP to a prominent commercial client of OMP. Following three months of rigorous acceptance testing by the customer, the application was successfully accepted in October 2023. Since then, an increasing number of end users have begun integrating our application into their daily operations, signifying its growing adoption and effectiveness. 

Currently, the Lviv team, in collaboration with OMP, is actively engaged in enhancing the MVP. Our focus is on developing and implementing new features, transitioning from the MVP to a comprehensive demand planning solution. This ongoing development underscores our commitment to continuous improvement and meeting the evolving needs of our clients. 


The delivered product has demonstrated remarkable stability, a testament to the high quality of the technical solution. The swift adoption by end-users further validates the effectiveness of the product, highlighting its comprehensive functionality without significant gaps. 

Feedback received from the end users has been overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing several key aspects: 

  • The web application’s easy accessibility. 
  • Exceptionally fast loading times. 
  • A clear and intuitive application layout. 
  • User-friendly flexibility in GUI customization. 
  • The application’s capability to facilitate easy and efficient execution of daily tasks for demand planners. 
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