Symphony TechTalk: Get Ahead in Tech with Architectural Thinking
Cloud & DevOps Data & Analytics IT
Symphony TechTalk: Get Ahead in Tech with Architectural Thinking
Symphony TechTalk: Get Ahead in Tech with Architectural Thinking
Cloud & DevOps Data & Analytics IT

Symphony TechTalk: Get Ahead in Tech with Architectural Thinking

Your job title doesn’t dictate the extent of your potential in the tech industry. Mark Richards, a hands-on software architect with a storied career in software since 1983, invites you to an online masterclass where architectural thinking breaks down the barriers imposed by job titles. Far from your average tech talk, this session dives into the core principles of architecture and how they can be applied across various tech roles. This session isn’t just for architects; it’s for anyone in tech looking to think bigger and craft smarter, more resilient solutions. Whether you’re a developer, tech lead, or any professional in technology, adopting an architect’s mindset can lead to significantly more innovative projects and impactful solutions. Your opportunity to rethink how you approach software is here.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The indispensable role of architectural thinking in software development. 
  • The clear distinctions between architecture and design. 
  • Understanding architectural characteristics: the core of robust software systems. 
  • Techniques for comprehending the structure of your software solutions. 
  • Navigating trade-offs with effective strategies. 

Who will benefit:

This online masterclass is a golden ticket for tech professionals across all levels seeking to leap forward in their careers by integrating advanced architectural thinking into their work. From understanding the foundational principles of software architecture to applying these concepts in everyday tech roles, this session promises to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to innovate and excel.

  • Tech enthusiasts eager to broaden their understanding of architectural thinking in technology; 
  • Software developers looking to incorporate architectural principles for better software design and functionality; 
  • Technical leaders and managers aiming to enhance team performance and project outcomes through strategic architectural insights; 
  • Entrepreneurs and startup founders interested in leveraging architectural thinking to drive their business strategies and product development; 
  • Product managers, data analysts, and digital marketing professionals who are keen to apply architectural thinking in crafting user-centric products and services; 
  • Quality Assurance Professionals, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) looking to understand the architectural aspects that can improve system reliability and efficiency.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from Mark Richards, a revered figure in the IT architecture domain, and redefine how you approach your tech projects and challenges. Whether you’re looking to refine your technical skills, gain new insights into leading and managing tech teams, or simply looking for inspiration to tackle your next big project, this masterclass is designed to deliver immense value. Join us and step into a world where architectural thinking sets you apart in the tech industry. 

Meet our expert:

Mark Richards

Mark Richards,

an Icon in the World of IT Architecture

  • The visionary behind the Developer to Architect concept. 
  • Acclaimed author of “Fundamentals of Software Architecture” and “Software Architecture: The Hard Parts”. 
  • Influential in shaping the skills of hundreds of architects through his work on microservices architectures, service-oriented architectures, and distributed systems across multiple technologies. 
  • A respected O’Reilly author and speaker. 

Space is limited, and the opportunity to learn from a luminary like Mark Richards for free doesn’t come often. Secure your spot today to revolutionize your approach to software architecture. Register today and step into the world of architectural thinking that will set your projects apart!  

See you there! 

For more information, visit: 

Website: Developer to Architect 
Books: Mark Richards’ Publications 

When & Where

April 30
4 –5 PM CET
Online (YouTube)

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