CSR Annual Report: Essential Part of Company Focus in 2020

CSR Annual Report: Essential Part of Company Focus in 2020

In the year 2020, Symphony Solutions, alongside everyone else, faced an unprecedented global health crisis that brought most of the world to a halt. Despite the dire circumstances, the company powered through and at the end of the year came out with new valuable lessons of trust, perseverance, and hope.

Symphony Care 2020 report summarizes the ventures and initiatives that the company took up as part of the corporate social responsibility program, as well as successes and challenges of the bygone year.

Being a socially active company that strongly stands by its values and principles, Symphony Solutions takes a hands-on approach to supporting important causes and giving back to the community. This applies to charity and fundraising, social and eco awareness programs, numerous educational events, and more. Symphony Solutions takes action to bring positive change equally within and outside the company.

A drastic change was introduced in the work environment and the way of working. Symphonians tackled the “new normal” by adopting a hybrid model of working and fervently following the health precautions put in place to keep themselves and one another safe.

Symphony Solutions stuck to its message of being an active part of society, promoting sustainability, supporting community events and initiatives, and what came to be most important of all – advocating for human rights and gender equality.


“It’s been a year like no other. We didn’t know what to expect and had to come up with solutions on the spot. Luckily enough, we had the wits and guts to overcome the obstacles and frustrations in our journey. We had one another’s backs and we took care of our community. Whatever else may come. Whatever the future holds. We’ll face it head-on,”

– says Valentina Synenka, CMO at Symphony Solutions.

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