Newest Sportsbook Platform Delivered to Ladbrokes Coral

Newest Sportsbook Platform Delivered to Ladbrokes Coral

Symphony Solutions just delivered a new Sportsbook Platform to their largest client Ladbrokes Coral Group (GVC Holdings). This is significant because the new Ladbrokes Platform, together with its sibling from Coral, now gives GVC Holdings two Sportsbook Platforms to increase share of users.

“This newly-developed sportsbook front-end platform also includes bet placement optimization and functionalities that resulted in the all-time highest records in customer satisfaction.”

Franz Cauchi, Director of the Ladbrokes project at Symphony Solutions

The Client

The acquisition of Ladbrokes Coral Plc by GVC Holdings in 2018 allowed GVC to occupy a top seat among the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups, creating shared resources, shared technologies, and operations synergies to harvest growth and increase competitive market position.

The Project

Symphony Solutions and Ladbrokes Coral teams spent 9 intensive months on the Ladbrokes project, the newest fully-fledged front-end Sportsbook platform with newly added features and optimizations to bolster the platform technology and feature capacity. The unique new user interface across Native, Mobile, Tablet and Desktop is the bottom line with punters.

“We are extremely proud of our team, who delivered complex features against strict and short deadlines. Even if you have unlimited resources, all players interact with your UI. That’s all that matters to them, there’s no space for error here.”

Valentina Synenka, CMO at Symphony Solutions