Say  NO MORE  to Domestic Violence 

Say  NO MORE  to Domestic Violence 

About NO MORE Foundation

Symphony Solutions joined in an initiative to spread awareness on the dreaded topic of domestic violence in the wake of the quarantine crisis. As it’s been noted by many social services, there is a rapid increase in home violence cases due to women often being stuck in lockdown and unable to seek help from abuse. Statistics show that every fourth woman in Ukraine at some point in her life becomes a victim of domestic abuse. In Poland about 250,000 people are victims of domestic violence every year. Since the lockdown, the number of incidents increased by 50 to 60%. These are only the reported cases.

NO MORE is a social awareness initiative that aims at giving the voice to those women who were left defenceless and vulnerable living in an abusive environment. Symphony Solutions and SHE. community are always standing at the forefront in the fight for gender equality and supporting women in their career and professional development. NO MORE social initiative strongly resonates with our values so this collaboration was an anticipated step, this time bringing light to the acute issues of home violence and women’s rights.

SHE. community was founded 2 years ago to promote gender equality. The goal of the community is to motivate everyone to change in society and help create a culture of security, equality and respect. That is why  SHE. community started researching the problem of domestic violence together with public organizations in three countries: Ukraine, Poland, and North Macedonia. These are three countries that the She. community has been focusing on since its foundation.

“Domestic violence had been tolerated in our society for a long time and for many reasons. During quarantine time the number of cases has significantly increased worldwide. As consequence – home violence causes only in NY 7000 children to live in shelters every night.  With NO More program, we not only want to raise awareness to the problem, but take feasible actions to close this gap, focusing on specific regions. Join us to become part of meaningful changes”

– says Valentina Synenka, Chief Marketing Officer at Symphony Solutions and founder of SHE. Community. 

What does statistics say?

  •  Ukraine. The classic gap in the Ukrainian law enforcement system is imperfection or lack of a system for recording calls and keeping statistics, which is why it is often impossible to have an exact number of complaints from victims. Although the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that there were no jumps in the number of appeals during the quarantine,  however,  the hotline provides information that the number of complaints has doubled.  
  • Poland. The statistics show that about 250,000 people are victims of domestic violence every year. With the beginning of quarantine, the “hot line” here also recorded an increase in the number of appeals by 50%.  
  • North Macedonia. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities say that there is no increase in reports of domestic violence,  however, human rights organizations insist that this is not the case. NO MORE
                                                                                    *Source: NOMORE.ORG

What was done?

Symphony Solutions and SHE. community aim to give a chance for a better life to women who have found themselves in dire circumstances.As a part of NO MORE campaign, the following activities have been done:  

  • Company leaders recorded a video message that addresses the common problem of making up excuses for the abuser and blaming the victim. The initiative has been developed in collaboration with the NO MORE Foundation.

About NO MORE Foundation 

NO MORE is the world’s largest domestic violence and sexual assault awareness initiative that’s ever been created in the history of women’s rights movements. It connects people from all kinds of backgrounds and diverse communities in a common goal to educate society and start a dialogue on the struggles victims of abuse and sexual assault. 

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