Symphony Personas: Filip Kudron
Symphony Personas
Symphony Personas: Filip Kudron
Symphony Personas: Filip Kudron
Symphony Personas

Symphony Personas: Filip Kudron

Symphonians find their way to Symphony Solutions in the most peculiar of ways. Some knew they were meant to work in the IT industry ever since they have learned the meaning of the words “IT” and “industry”. Others took a few turns before discovering a true passion for technologies and innovation. Then there are those who might even say that it was their destiny that nudged them in the right direction. 

This time, we have talked to Filip Kudron about the trusty path that brought him to Symphony Solutions as a Quality Assurance Engineer residing now in Krakow, Poland. Filip confided in us about what inspires him about his work, what he misses about work in the office, and his fascinating travel stories. 

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1. You work at Symphony Solutions for 3+ years already. Have there been any surprises on the journey so far? 

The only thing that surprised and keeps surprising me is how friendly all the people I’ve met in Symphony are. In every project I joined, we had a great team! 

2. Do you remember your very first day in the office? 

Yes. Though it was the Rzeszów office. It was my first second job so I felt very intimidated 😀 But I also remember the first day in the new Karaków office! It was amazing 🙂 

3. What are some of your fondest Symphony Solutions memories of the past 3 years? 

I think all the parties we had before the Covid 😀 Even those I may not completely remember 😉

4. What was your lightbulb moment? When did you decide to become a QA? 

I had no such moment. My brother persuaded me to give testing a try and then I was super lucky with all the circumstances that led me to my first QA job. I like joking that it was my destiny because of how things aligned in time. I realized quickly that this job is a natural fit for me. 

5. What are some of your biggest motivators and sources for inspiration in your work? 

The quality of the software is like a puzzle with many moving pieces for me. Solving this puzzle is a major motivator. For the inspiration part, I think that what inspires me most is all the great people that I work or used to work with. 

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6. Attention to details is key for you. What do you enjoy the most about your job as a QA? 

The feeling when I start to truly understand the software. When it becomes “mine”. 

7. You used to live and work in Symphony Solutions Rzeszow office and then you moved to Krakow. What motivated you for this change? What was the most surprising discovery in a new city? 

I met someone 😉 And for the surprising part – Kraków has more pubs, but Rzeszów has better pubs 😉 

8. It’s a regular deal meeting everyone in the office daily. What’s different about working remotely with your team now? 

No coffee break chitchat. And no dinners. All the best things at work gone! 

9. What values are important to you in Symphony? How do you experience those values here? 

Trust. Especially in our current situation, we need a lot of it 🙂 

10. Tell us about your cats. Do they help you in your remote work? 

I have only one but she’s a real piece of work! For some reason, her favourite sleeping place is on my keyboard. 

11. You like travelling. What’s the most interesting story that happened with you during trips? 

It was the most lovely evening. A warm wind from the seaside was gently caressing our faces. We were wandering in a labyrinth of the old town of Bari. Suddenly, a raindrop fell. And a minute later I witnessed the most intensive rain in my life. From a clear evening to a downpour in a matter of a minute.

12. Where do you plan to go when the quarantine is over? 

Those plans change daily 😀 There are so many places I’d love to visit. I was considering Greece, Spain, Italy (MORE!), more or less exotic islands. But the more I think about it the more I want to explore the Polish Bieszczady National Park. It’s time to finally discover what my own country has to offer 🙂 

13. If not IT, what career path would you pursue? 

A cook. Or a baker. Or a farmer. Or a sausage maker. Anything related to producing food.

14. Are there any productivity hacks you use in your daily work and life? 

You know what they say, do what you love and you don’t have to hack anything to force yourself to do it 😉 

15. Could you recommend some podcasts, books, or anything else that inspires you? 

Not anything in particular. But there’s a cool trick – find an event that is organized regularly (like RzeQA, KraQA, TestingCup) and go through their archives. There are tons of videos on various topics. Pick the ones you find most interesting and soak up the knowledge! 

16. What do you like to do outside of work? What are your hobbies?

Depending on the mood, I play video games or play guitar/learn music. I also like to chill out in front of a TV from time to time. 

Want to learn the essence of Symphony Solutions that are Symphonians? Stay tuned and look out for more interviews in the near future!  

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